You’re Invited to a Webinar: “ROI of Listings and Reviews”

What: “ROI of Listings and Reviews” Webinar with Kemal Demirhisar, Solutions Engineer at Connectivity, and Josh Ades, Connectivity Content Marketing Manager Why: Because it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of SEO strategies and take our eyes off of the prize: increasing revenue. When: Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015 Time: 11:00 a.m. PST | 1:00 p.m. CST | 2:00 […]

Google Cleans House: What You Need to Know about Google’s New Home Service Ads

Home Service Ads Banner

If you are a plumber, locksmith, house cleaner, handyman or any other service business, we want to let you know about Google’s latest rollout. Late last week, Google launched a home services directory in its search results. So far, these search results only appear in the San Francisco area, but it’s not uncommon for Google […]

[Download] New Guide: Connectivity’s Essential Guide to Online Reviews

We’re pleased to announce our latest FREE resource, Connectivity’s Essential Guide to Online Reviews for Local Businesses. Add it to your marketing library now. Respond to Negative Reviews the Right Way We won’t pretend that negative reviews don’t sting (or stink) but online opinions are here to stay. We think it makes sense to figure […]

Bouncing Back: Responding to a Slew of Negative Reviews

Despite your best intentions at running the business behind your passion, somehow you’ve managed to fail enough customers to start attracting negative reviews. Remember Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant Amy’s Baking Company from the most infamous episode of Kitchen Nightmares in its multi-country, decade-long run? Owners Samy and Amy Bousaglo ran such a nightmarish business, even Gordon […]

Do Negative Reviews Have a Bigger Impact on Small Business


Your small business has a profile on Yelp! Your Facebook fans are leaving reviews on your social media feed. And, customers are actually using your custom hashtag on Twitter. Excellent! But, what happens when a grumpy troll leaves a scathing review and bad-mouths your business? Do negative reviews hurt small businesses? Yes! Since small businesses […]

The Best Online Review Sites: Which Platforms Do Customers Trust Most?


Last October, I took a grand travel stint. I explored the trails and waves of Maui, ate my way around New York City and celebrated a friend’s wedding in Asheville, NC. Roaming consecutively, from one place to the next, I didn’t have the luxury to plan out every pit stop—though, quite honestly, that’s my preferred […]

Easy Ways to Monitor Your Business’s Online Ratings and Reviews


If you run a local business, chances are someone, somewhere is writing about you. They’re writing about how cool the eyewear you sell is or how awesome your handmade throw pillows look, or how friendly your customer service is. It’s good to keep track of what’s being said about you, but doing so can be […]

Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Monitor Your Small Business Reviews


Big business can afford expensive TV commercials. For everyone else, there’s Yelp, Angie’s List, Trip Adviser, and a plethora of other services (both startups and established businesses) providing reviews about businesses that can be viewed online. In fact, even offline organizations like the Better Business Bureau allow customers to post public business reviews, complaints, and comments […]

[Download] New Connectivity Guide to Social Media for Local Businesses

We’re excited to announce our latest FREE resource, the Connectivity Guide to Social Media for Local Businesses. Add it to your marketing library now. Social Media Can Be Confusing We have a lot of conversations with local business owners and one theme keeps appearing: “How do I maintain a social media presence when I have […]

How to Advertise Locally Online … for FREE!


If you’re a small business owner you probably don’t have piles of money lying around to advertise your business—all of your money is likely going towards running your business! That’s okay, because in this age of PVRs and online newspapers, traditional advertising isn’t the only way to guarantee success. Here are some great ways to advertise […]

7 Places Businesses Need to Track Online Reviews


Remember when reviews were done by professional reviewers offering their expert opinions of movies and restaurants? Well, those days are long gone. Today, any person can review any business at any time, whether your products, your customer service or your brand. Believe it or not, this is good news—a positive review is a great endorsement […]

Steal this Tip: How to Respond to Online Reviews


There’s no shortage of brands responding the wrong way to online reviews. Enterprise businesses everywhere have taken a page from the Book of Bad Marketing by: Ignoring negative reviews Mocking the reviewer Telling the reviewer she is wrong and the business is right Auto-replying with the same canned answer for every comment Paying attention to […]

How to Tell if Your Competitor Is Using Fake Online Reviews


Not all news is good news. When you own a business—especially an independent brick-and-mortar establishment—you have to be prepared to accept feedback from everyone, even a few unhappy customers. However, it’s not all bad: Receiving a tough review is an excellent growth opportunity. Less than ideal feedback truly helps service providers and product developers improve […]

[Free Download] Add Three Connectivity Guides to Your Marketing Library

At Connectivity, we’re huge admirers of marketers for both national enterprises and the local business owner with one location—and every type of business in between. We know it’s hard to lead a social media team for 200 store locations. We also know it’s tough to figure out how to bring foot traffic into your 200-square-foot […]

How to Avoid Small Business Marketing Whiplash

Quick quiz: how many of these small business marketing tactics do you currently pursue? Online ads Retargeting Coupons Loyalty apps Newspaper promotions Social media contests Text messaging offers Are you exhausted yet? You may be. Studies show that more and more local business owners are trying out increasing numbers of marketing plans, tactics and programs. It’s a […]