We’re excited to announce our latest FREE resource, the Connectivity Guide to Social Media for Local Businesses. Add it to your marketing library now.

Social Media Can Be Confusing

We have a lot of conversations with local business owners and one theme keeps appearing: “How do I maintain a social media presence when I have a business to run?”

At Connectivity, we get it. Completely. Because social media can seem like a mythical creature (untamable and wild) or at the very least, a slightly stinky dog. Social media is here, it’s not going away but yet it refuses to care that cash registers have to ring and employees need to be trained. What’s a busy business owner supposed to do?


Social Media In One Hour Per Day

That’s where Connectivity steps in. With our new Guide to Social Media for Local Businesses, we offer a streamlined approach to selecting the best social sites for your business; how often to post each day; and ideas for great content. Along the way, we’ll help you figure out what to do if you’ve already dipped your toes into the social media sea and perhaps things didn’t go so well.

Download the Guide today and start responding to online comments, tweets and customer reviews—the right way.

PS Don’t forget to check out “6 Don’ts for Online Reviews” on Page 6. This list includes the mistakes you definitely don’t want to do when responding to reviews on sites such as Yelp.

Jennifer is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.