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See what customers are saying with social media monitoring

We monitor online reviews, social mentions, check-ins and photos for every location from thousands of online review and social media networks and aggregate them in a simple dashboard so it is easy to monitor and manage in one place. You can respond to customer conversations on any site with one click or take it one step further.

Understand customer sentiment

Our review monitoring and analytics tools find common keywords from reviews and determine how often customers use those words with a positive or negative connotation. This analysis tells you exactly how customers feel about your product, your brand and your business from a single location to nationwide so you can address shortcomings and celebrate your successes.

Constant monitoring for new reviews

Every time a new review is posted anywhere online, including your well-managed business listings, it will appear in your Connectivity dashboard. Choose who receives notifications within your organization when new reviews are posted; and even select what types of online customer reviews will trigger instant notifications. Monitor and manage social media interaction in our convenient social inbox from our app or online.

Get more reviews

Beyond existing online review management, you can use our Review Solicitation Tool to encourage positive reviews from happy customers and communicate with unhappy customers before they post a review you would otherwise need to manage publicly. When positive feedback comes in through the Review Solicitation Tool, customers are prompted to post it on review sites of their choosing while Connectivity automatically publishes the review on a top 25 directory for even more brand coverage.

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Understand your
business better

Through Connectivity’s social media monitoring and sentiment analysis tool, gain insight into how customers feel about specific topics mentioned in reviews by single location, region or entire enterprise at a glance.

Manage and monitor
reviews faster

Get notified about reviews you choose, such as selecting "one star reviews," so you can respond to feedback. Fast engagement in customer conversations often solves issues that may encourage a review update or even the complete removal of a negative review.

Improve your
review scores

Speed up this process with our Review Solicitation Tool and best practices such as responding to reviews promptly to improve customer experience.

Our previous strategy–to ignore online reviews–was a disaster. When we started using the Connectivity Reviews product, we couldn’t pretend reviews didn’t matter anymore. Within a few weeks, we started to see things turn around. We’re now responding to reviews (both good and not-so-good) and starting to use the Review Solicitation Tool to get more reviews online.

General Manager, La Brea Bakery

A one-star improvement can increase revenue up to 9%
(source: HBS Study, 2011)

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