We’re pleased to announce our latest FREE resource, Connectivity’s Essential Guide to Online Reviews for Local Businesses. Add it to your marketing library now.

Respond to Negative Reviews the Right Way

We won’t pretend that negative reviews don’t sting (or stink) but online opinions are here to stay. We think it makes sense to figure out a strategy for dealing with online reviews so your local business isn’t left behind.

As the review train rolls on, offering opinions about every type of business and service provider, there’s real money at stake. Consumers trust reviews and they turn to them for advice. Your business needs to be part of the conversation. Download Connectivity’s Essential Guide to Online Reviews for Local Businesses to learn more.

Stop Bad Reviews Before They Are Written

Did you know that there are a few steps your business can take before the customer types Y-E-L-P? Connectivity’s Review Solicitation tool surveys customers for feedback. Great feedback is routed to a Top 25 directory and customers are encouraged to post their opinions on popular review sites. Negative feedback received in the surveys presents a helpful opportunity to fix issues before they end up on Facebook Reviews or elsewhere.

Download our Guide to learn other tactics any business can use to stop reviews before they are launched into cyberspace.

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Jennifer is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.