At Connectivity, we’re huge admirers of marketers for both national enterprises and the local business owner with one location—and every type of business in between. We know it’s hard to lead a social media team for 200 store locations. We also know it’s tough to figure out how to bring foot traffic into your 200-square-foot storefront at the corner of Maple and Main.

That’s why we like to write and publish content that (hopefully) speaks to business owners and marketers alike. After all, we’re all just chasing our version of success, whether it’s national franchising, opening 20 more stores this year or simply becoming a local merchant who supports their family one sale at a time.

In that spirit, we wanted to make sure your marketing library contains these three Connectivity guides. Download them now and may your business make great strides in the second half of 2015!

[Download] How to Claim your Business on Google, Yelp and Facebook



Why You Need This Guide: We all want our businesses to be found online, sending a steady stream of customers to our doorsteps. But it can be overwhelming to consider the dozens of social media and review sites that offer business profiles. Where does one start? If your franchise is on Yelp, is that enough? Or should you maintain a profile on Google My Business, too?

When businesses claim their profiles, they can look forward to many advantages including building a community of brand-friendly followers; helpful platforms for responding to online reviews (both positive and negative); improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and access to online data about visitors such as insights about how they found your business.

[Download] Supercharge Your SEO with Correct Listings



Why You Need This Guide: Listings help claim valuable spots in search results as well as help customers find your business both online and in the real world. Download the guide to see why listings are the most important aspect of local SEO whether customers search from cell phone, computers or tablets.

[Download] The 5-Star Guide to Responding to Online Reviews



Why You Need This Guide: Simply responding to reviews is no longer enough. Knowing how to craft the best response to each review is vital for every businesses’ success. Almost everyone checks reviews online before making a purchasing decision, so brand response matters more than ever.

The 5-Star Guide to Responding to Online Reviews shows enterprise, franchise and multi-location marketing teams how to:

We have more marketing guides in the Connectivity queue. Watch this space for more content to come. Happy marketing!

Jennifer is a Content Marketing Strategist for Connectivity.