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Spotlight on the Connectivity Team: Meet Alex Harris

Connectivity East Region Sales Manager Alex Harris traded northeastern winters for sunny California not long after his graduation from Rutgers University. The New Jersey native’s first stop was a sales position for Axceler, a software company specializing in Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Notes. “I was fortunate to work under some really awesome people,” Alex notes. […]

Social Media Scheduling: The Best Times to Post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

When should I post to Facebook? And what about Twitter? Are four tweets per day too much or too little? We understand these questions because we ask them, too, when planning Connectivity’s social media strategy.  After all, it’s important to be strategic in social media postings so you can get the best return on your time investment. Thanks to scheduling […]

Taking on the Giants: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Media

iphone and ipad

Social media is the great equalizer. According to a 2015 social media study, 92% of small business owners who participated agreed that social media marketing is important to their businesses. Unlike television ads, which can be expensive to produce, social media can be done on a small budget. Sure, the big companies might hire someone […]

Social Media for Doctors: 4 Tips for Patient Confidentiality

Doctor's desk

Although it was once thought of as a fad, social media is here to stay. According to the National Small Business Association, more than 70% of small business owners have a social media account for their business. But social media creates a unique complication for medical practitioners: how to engage patients without sacrificing confidentiality. As […]

Connectivity Free Trial for Small Businesses

Build Customer Profiles Feature

For a limited time, Connectivity is offering a free 30 day trial of our small business software. This platform helps small businesses keep better track of their customers, identify potential new customers and connect with all of them more efficiently. It functions like a CRM (customer relationship management) tool for small businesses but with some […]

Does it Make Sense for a Bank to Be on Facebook?


As a society, we’re enthralled by social media, so it makes sense for social media and the banking industry to join forces and reach out to their customers where they’re hanging out online. Almost everyone is on Facebook. Many people check in multiple times each day from their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers at work. […]

[Free Download] Add Three Connectivity Guides to Your Marketing Library

At Connectivity, we’re huge admirers of marketers for both national enterprises and the local business owner with one location—and every type of business in between. We know it’s hard to lead a social media team for 200 store locations. We also know it’s tough to figure out how to bring foot traffic into your 200-square-foot […]

Grab a Free Facebook Beacon for Your Business

Facebook is offering free beacons for brick-and-mortar businesses that will show information to visitors about your business when they pop open the Facebook app while they’re in store. The information that Facebook will share with visitors is actually fairly useful. It includes: A welcome note and photo Prompts to like your Facebook Page and check […]

The 1 Secret to Social Media Success

Hero Image Dinner Party Comic

Don’t fake it. You know when you’re at a party talking to someone you’ve just met or maybe haven’t seen in a while and you can tell they aren’t really listening? Sure, they nod at the right times and say things like, “Oh, really? Huh.” But you know they’re already thinking about whatever it is […]

Instagram Tips for Small Businesses

Brands have fallen in love with Instagram and why not? It’s the social stream for most people ages 18-34. Light on words but heavy on lifestyle images, behind-the-scenes snaps and gorg shots of locales, food or lovelies, Instagram rules the roost. But there’s another side to why businesses and brands are now posting more content […]

Facebook Reviews Gain Ground on Yelp and Google

It’s a fact that local or enterprise businesses ignore online reviews at their peril. From haircuts to teeth cleanings to trendy cocktails, consumers freely give their opinions online about their everyday experiences. Online reviews are a never-ending stream arriving on a smartphone near you, complete with stars (one to five!), angry rants and glowing praises. […]

Social Media Memo: Facebook Debuts New Tools for Publishers

Editor’s Note: Before we dive into Facebook news, Connectivity would like to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah, bright in joy and warm in memories. You may have heard the news that Facebook was reducing the already paltry stream of brand posts it would deliver to your followers’ News Feeds. Most marketers already knew this change was […]

More Than Facebook Likes: Steps Beyond Organic Reach

If you manage a Facebook business page or pages, you may remember the “good ‘ole days” when your brand’s content could organically reach huge chunks of the people who “liked” your page. This free ride wasn’t long ago: in April 2012, a brand could expect its content to be shown to about 16 percent of […]

Halloween Party Gifts: Treat, Don’t Trick

Your costume is ready; the jack-o-lanterns are carved; and the sun has set. A ghostly wind blows leaves down the street and the moon hangs like an all-knowing orb in the night sky. It’s time to depart for your Halloween party. But before showing up, make sure to bring along a special party gift for […]