Your costume is ready; the jack-o-lanterns are carved; and the sun has set. A ghostly wind blows leaves down the street and the moon hangs like an all-knowing orb in the night sky. It’s time to depart for your Halloween party.

But before showing up, make sure to bring along a special party gift for your host or hostess. Not sure what to take? ‘Tis the season for candy, so we have your complete guide to sugary gift suggestions.

1. Party Hostess #1: The Die-Hard Halloween Fanatic
Your friend has been planning her shindig since last Halloween. You’ve been sworn to secrecy on her costume, but it’s safe to assume it took 12 hours of labor and three trips to the craft store.

Candy Gift: You won’t be able to compete with decorations or food from your Halloween-crazed friend. So go old-school and bring a collection of vintage candy (available at candy stores) like Razzles, Whatchamacallits and Pixy Stix.

2. Party Host #: The Slacker Party Planner
You love this guy but a party king he is not. You might arrive to find he’s not even home; the house is wrecked; and the ’fridge is empty (but he’s out buying ribs and beer for everyone!). It’s time to pitch in.

Candy Gift: Go big with mixed candy assortments that you pour into a couple of bowls upon arrival. Instant Halloween festivity achieved, plus who doesn’t love “fun size” Snickers, Hershey bars and Butterfingers?

3. Party Hostess #: The Organic Vegan Buffet Queen
The quinoa puffs are coming out of the oven, and the dairy-free marshmallow ghosts are lined up on the buffet table. Wait, are those pumpkin-buckwheat cookies? Dig in!

Candy Gift: Milk chocolate is out; so instead, pick up some Zoft Fizz, which is on the Peta-approved vegan candy list. For extra credit, throw in a soy candle.

4. Party Host #: The Halloween Hipster
It’s a toss-up as to whether your host will dress up at all (or go all out and call it “ironic), but try to play along anyway.

Candy Gift: Eschew store-bought candy and bring instead a bag of marshmallows, Hershey bars, gluten-free graham crackers and several honest-looking sticks. Build a fire inside your pal’s drum circle/poetry ring and make s’mores for all. He’ll talk about this night forever.

5. Party Host #5: The Toddler Tango Master
There will be kids at this party, lots of ’em. Expect meltdowns, sugar comas and at least 14 Elsa costumes. But it’s all good: your host and hostess make the best chili, love craft beers as much as you do, and generally invite fun people.

Candy Gift: Cater to your friends with this present. Spring for a nice bar of dark chocolate (available at places like Whole Foods or your local natural market). Your weary parent friends will tuck the chocolate away for some downtime when the tots march off to bed.

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Olga is a Senior Manager in Sales and Marketing Operations at Connectivity.