Connectivity East Region Sales Manager Alex Harris traded northeastern winters for sunny California not long after his graduation from Rutgers University. The New Jersey native’s first stop was a sales position for Axceler, a software company specializing in Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Notes.

“I was fortunate to work under some really awesome people,” Alex notes. He was soon running his own sales team at Axceler. Metalogix acquired the company in 2013. After learning the ropes within the new larger organization, Alex made his next move to Emgage, a growing startup in Santa Monica. Soon, Inger Airheart, Connectivity’s Vice President of Sales, reached out to Alex (the two worked together at Axceler/Metalogix). It wasn’t long after that Alex was on his way to an interview in Burbank.

As the East Region team lead, Alex runs a team of five people. They hit the office early in the morning to connect with customers and leads on the other side of the country. When asked about his biggest challenge on the job, Alex notes that it’s finding a way to make connections with busy marketing teams who are besieged by emails and phone calls from hundreds of other companies.

“I know we have the best platform out there,” Alex says. “So, if I can get a foot in the door, then I know the prospect will be ready to learn more.”

Getting that foot in the door is becoming easier, Alex notes, as Connectivity’s profile has increased. “Now we have a ton of customers in each vertical plus awesome branding, and that’s helping awareness a lot.”

Making prospects aware of Connectivity is a passion for Alex that comes across when he speaks about our newest offering, Customer Insights. “We have a game changer. This platform can change the landscape of marketing. It’s easy to get excited about that,” he says.

Alex enjoys leading a sales team and helping his team grow their careers. He points to the collaborative environment at Connectivity as something that allows ideas to incubate. CEO Matt Booth sits near the Sales team. The Product Team hears from Sales frequently as customers make requests and suggest improvements to products. “I feel very fortunate to have landed here when I did,” Alex says.

Alex lives near the beach, where you’ll probably find him relaxing on the weekend (or playing volleyball). He recently returned from New Jersey where he spent time with his new nephew, Avery.

Jennifer is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.