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Unveiling the Future: A Deep Dive into AI Research and Development

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The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in a constant state of flux, propelled by relentless innovation and groundbreaking research. As we peer into the future, exciting advancements and potential applications are taking shape, promising to reshape various aspects of our lives. Let’s delve deeper into the cutting edge of AI research and explore the […]

How to Increase Customer Happiness

Has your marketing team thought recently about how to make your customers happier? We’re defining “happiness” as actions your company takes that delight the customer. Happiness is of course a subjective term, but what’s pretty concrete is the fact that when you know someone well, you are more likely to understand the things that will […]

How Do I Delete Bad Online Reviews?

Your business received a scathing review on Yelp. Or Facebook Reviews. Or Angie’s List. It’s inaccurate, exaggerated or just a simple misunderstanding. Is it possible to delete the review? In most cases, it’s not going to happen. (If you believe the review to be fraudulent or it concerns a product you don’t sell or a […]

Every Day Is Valentine’s Day: Four Ways to Show Your Customers the Love

While Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts of chocolates, roses and impossible dinner reservations, there’s another way of thinking about the holiday that you may have not considered. We suggest treating your customers like they’re a special Valentine. Below are four ways to take the magic of February 14th and turn it toward the people who […]

3 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business

Before the first online review ever, there was first a customer service experience. That’s right, good ol’ customer service in which a person (the customer) was served by a business. The transaction ended in a feeling: was it good, awful or wonderful? In the magical time we’re living in, that customer service feeling can translate […]

Steal These Tips: Four Companies Doing Customer Service Right

More than ever, customer service can be a megaphone. With online review sites only gaining in popularity, how you treat every customer can be broadcast within mere minutes. Focusing on the basics of customer service will help your business, not to mention your online reviews. So with the all-important Google Reviews and Yelp in mind, […]