While Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts of chocolates, roses and impossible dinner reservations, there’s another way of thinking about the holiday that you may have not considered. We suggest treating your customers like they’re a special Valentine.

Below are four ways to take the magic of February 14th and turn it toward the people who keep your business afloat each and every day.

1. Don’t Send Chocolate but Do Send Emails
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, people like to receive emails from brands they know and enjoy. Emails are still the most effective way to inform your customers about a new promotion, sale, product line or a new blog post. Build your email list, starting today!

2. Linger over Conversation…at the Front Counter
Some people like to chat more than others. If you’re a local store owner, become an expert on reading your customers. Teach your salespeople helpful conversation starters. Not everyone will want to stop and gab, but make sure to be that friendly baker or coffee shop owner who is never too busy to say “hello.” Enterprise marketers, you can encourage this type of friendly interaction if you have any influence over the agenda at regional or annual company all-hands meetings. Or consider adding customer service tips to your monthly marketing bulletin emailed to all enterprise locations.

3. Say Just the Right Words
No one loves a negative online review, but they come with managing a business. Learn the right ways to respond to online reviews. Thousands of future customers will view your responses to touchy situations on Yelp and Google Reviews. Will they see a thoughtful answer or an ALL CAPS rant? It’s up to you.

4. Make a Meaningful Connection
Your enterprise business has hundreds of locations. It’s impossible to bring everyone together, right? Actually, with an online community, it’s a cinch. Even a Facebook page can function as a supportive online community that centers around your brand. For local business owners, connecting with community might mean special events such as a trunk show, wine tasting or talk by a visiting expert. Nurture your online and in-person connections. Your customers will notice and want to return again and again.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Connectivity!

Olga is a Senior Manager in Marketing and Sales Operations at Connectivity.