Has your marketing team thought recently about how to make your customers happier? We’re defining “happiness” as actions your company takes that delight the customer.

Happiness is of course a subjective term, but what’s pretty concrete is the fact that when you know someone well, you are more likely to understand the things that will bring them joy. Customers are similar: if you know your customers, your team can take steps to delight them.

But knowing your customers is an enormous challenge. Your store managers may say, “Sure. We know our customers. We see the same ones each week.” Or your day manager may say, “We don’t have a lot of families who are customers” because that’s what he or she experiences. The night manager may have a different view because he is running the store after school when families shop or dine. A manager of a three-location bakery may assume her customers are wealthy because she sees expensive cars in the shopping center shared parking lot. But are any of these facts true?

Connectivity’s new Customer Insights platform is designed to help businesses figure out who their customers are and then to find more customers just like them. We do this with new marketing technology that automatically builds customer lists from existing customer contact information. To start, we upload any phone information, point of sale transactions or email lists that you already have. Customer Insights takes this jumble of information to produce intelligent information about your customers. New customers are synced automatically the next time the customer contacts your business—whether by phone, email, text or purchase transaction.

Business owners have always sought customer insights, but it was more of a manual chore. For example, we know a home builder who told us his chats with local real estate agents helped him decide what features to include in his new custom homes. When our builder friend heard from his real estate agent contacts that granite countertops were becoming ubiquitous in new homes in the area, he started installing quartz countertops. It set his business apart by delighting new home buyers.

Similarly, your business may have used ZIP code mapping from a third-party vendor to identify what types of household incomes were within a five-mile radius of your store locations. This is great information, but did you know if any of the households nearby actually shopped or dined at your business?

Customer Insights takes the guesswork out of who your customers actually are and then helps create customer delight. We do this with automated messaging campaigns and programs that deliver message to your best micro segments. And you can target your engaged customers using different forms of communication: text, email or both.

Use Customer Insights to surprise and delight your customers with the right message tailored to what they love about your brand, your products and your services. Choose special promotions for a unique subset of customers. Get to know your customers better by asking for feedback (before reviews are posted to Yelp and Facebook!). With solid feedback, your business can make the changes necessary to increase revenue and customer happiness.

Customer Insights will also help find more customers with remarketing. Use this feature to create lookalike ads that target people who are similar to your best customers on social media and around the web.

It might seem overwhelming to add one more task to your marketing to-do list. We get it. But knowing your customers well allows you to serve them well. And when people feel well-served, they are more loyal customers. You might say they are happy.

What can you do to make your customers happy today? Let us know if we can talk to you about Customer Insights, Connectivity’s latest marketing technology platform.

Alex is Connectivity’s VP of Marketing.