Connectivity Team Spotlight: Meet Tracy Wong

Director of Product Management Tracy Wong smiles when asked what makes her a good fit for the hectic ebb and flow of the product development side of Connectivity. “Being flexible, adaptable, and detail-oriented,” she says. Those three qualities help Tracy in her position at Connectivity, especially as her team continues to add features and functionality […]

Are You on the Data-Driven Marketing Train?

It’s a topic most marketers warm to immediately: data-driven marketing. Marketers’ eyes light up when talking about the art and science of collecting bits of information from customers and prospects, synthesizing that data and then activating it. Or put a little more simply: your favorite kids’ clothing chain knows you have two elementary school-age children, […]

How to Increase Customer Happiness

Has your marketing team thought recently about how to make your customers happier? We’re defining “happiness” as actions your company takes that delight the customer. Happiness is of course a subjective term, but what’s pretty concrete is the fact that when you know someone well, you are more likely to understand the things that will […]