Director of Product Management Tracy Wong smiles when asked what makes her a good fit for the hectic ebb and flow of the product development side of Connectivity. “Being flexible, adaptable, and detail-oriented,” she says.

Those three qualities help Tracy in her position at Connectivity, especially as her team continues to add features and functionality to our latest product, Customer Insights. Tracy’s responsibilities for the new product include features such as the Activity Feed; automated messaging such as email and SMS; and automated campaigns such as Review Solicitation.

“I definitely think we have a good, solid product that is needed,” Tracy says. “There’s nothing quite like it out there. I’m looking forward to launching it and getting feedback from our customers.”

Tracy’s journey to Connectivity started after graduation from UC Berkeley and one of her first jobs in operations at ReachLocal. As one of the early employees, Tracy was part of the company’s growth over nine years, including their stock market launch. During her stay at ReachLocal, Tracy became interested in product management and eventually moved into a product manager role working with the company’s proprietary tracking technology. By the time she left, she was Director of Product Management.

Her next job was focused on developing an internal reporting system for OpenX. Tracy joined Connectivity in 2014, after connecting with Connectivity CEO Matt Booth.

Currently, Tracy’s days include doing research and gathering requirements for upcoming product features and helping launch Customer Insights. The Customer Insights tool allows business owners to create customer lists; know more about their customers; and seek out out similar prospective customers. Working on Customer Insights has meant stepping into the role of a local business owner as she crafts the product. “You really have to flesh out your personas and who you are trying to solve for,” Tracy says. “As a small business owner, what would I want to see in the platform? What would I need?”

Everyone knows local business owners are busy and scarcely have time to check a platform, let alone get overwhelmed trying to set it up. Tracy says she works on communicating the value of the product and why the local business owner should use it.

Away from the office, Tracy devotes her time to husband Sean and three-year-old Zoe. The family holds season passes to Disneyland where you just might catch them on It’s a Small World.

Alex is VP of Marketing for Connectivity.