A franchise needs plenty of in-store visits to ensure a healthy flow of business—95% of retail sales still occur in physical stores. It can be tough, especially for a franchise that has to follow corporate rules in order to remain consistent with other locations. But there are several creative solutions that you can use to bring more people through your doors:

Send Weather-Related Email Offers

An exclusive in-store offer is a surefire way to bring a customer to your business, but besides mentioning 15% discounts or one-day sales, you can also use the weather to tailor your email deals. If you sell outerwear and it happens to be a rainy day, send a timely email campaign about your jackets. You can apply this thinking to more seasonal offers as well—think like your customers to figure out what they’re planning for during certain months. Then you can determine which people to target through Customer Insights, which can segment your customer list geographically, so you’ll achieve a better response.

Give Birthday Freebies

Coffee Birthday Freebies Franchise

People like getting free things, especially on their birthdays. Offering birthday freebies to customers is a fun way to bring customers to your store, and one that personalizes the experience so that they’ll remember your franchise and consider returning. It’s an easy tactic for restaurants—if your franchise is a bakery, you can give the birthday boy or girl a free cupcake or donut, or your coffee shop can provide a free drink. Other ideas include beauty samples or a free addition to a service you offer (perhaps 15 extra minutes for a massage).

Host Charity Events

Find a charity that fits with your brand (e.g., a food drive goes well with a restaurant), and host a silent auction, raffle, or collection drive to raise funds for that organization. The effect is twofold: it brings people to your business, and it creates goodwill. And, best of all, you get to give back to your community.

Hold Workshops and Seminars

Art Supplies Workshops and Seminars Franchise

Besides offering discounts and fundraising events, you can host workshops and seminars at your location. It’s an effective way to meet new people who are interested in what your business has to offer. If your franchise is a gardening store, hold workshops on planting techniques or the best times of year to plant certain seeds. If you sell art supplies, host a painting class.

Post Updates on Social Media

Besides email, you can announce your events with updates on your social media accounts, so your followers know when and where they’re taking place. Even if there’s no special event, a well-timed update reminds followers about your goods and services. For example, if it’s June, you can push people to visit your gym by posting about getting in shape for beach weather. (Try our tips on writing better social media posts to gain a great response.)

Your business relies on in-store customers to survive. Using the tips above will bring your franchise more customers—and more sales to boot.

Photo: William Perugini/Shutterstock

Jennifer Fenske is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.