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How Customer Insights Works

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Add any list of contacts with any data and we’ll do the analysis to find the rest.


Understand your customers, where they live, what their interests are and use this rich data to drive your marketing campaigns.


Every interaction between you and each customer is tracked in your dashboard tools.


When new contacts interact with your business, they’re automatically added to your list.

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Customer Insight Software Features

  • Easy integration with your customer list

    Upload your customer list, connect your phone, email account, POS system or WiFi with our platform, or manually input customer data. However you choose to provide your data, we will complete any missing fields. If you only have one piece of data, such as phone numbers or emails, our deep database will find the rest and add it to your list.

  • Perform valuable customer segmentation with our tools

    Our platform automatically analyzes your completed customer list and creates a segmentation report that breaks down key customer demographics. Then, use our customer scoring algorithm to help direct marketing dollars and market research more effectively.

  • Track all customer activity data

    Every time a customer interacts with your business, whether it’s an inbound phone call, making a purchase or simply receiving an automated email or text from you, the dashboard tracks it. You can see the most recent interactions, insights such as which customers have the highest level of interaction and what types of communication are most likely to encourage certain segments of customers to respond.

Understanding insights about your best current customers and ideal potential customer segments gives your business an unparalleled competitive edge.

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Customer Insights Integrates with Other Connectivity Tools

Use the Connectivity product to conduct thorough customer insight research and segmentation and then integrate it with your review management and social media monitoring, business listing performance, and automated marketing campaigns.