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  • Automated Campaign Messages

    Predetermined messages instantly trigger when you miss a customer’s call or when they email your business.

  • Review Solicitation

    Survey customers to get more insights and positive reviews. We automatically push positive reviews to a top 25 directory.

  • Automated Remarketing Ads

    We help you create lookalike ad campaigns to target people similar to your best customers on social media and around the web.


Improve Customer Engagement with Campaign Automation

Whether it’s automated email campaign messaging, remarketing campaigns, staying in contact with your customers and nurturing inbound prospects keeps your business in front of their mind when they are ready to make a purchase. Don’t miss opportunities for a sale.

Improve your
online reputation

Through our platform's automated process of soliciting and publishing positive reviews, your online reputation will naturally improve. But marketing automation does more than that. It keeps you in contact with your customers so they feel like they can reach your business when they need to, and that means fewer issues that generate public complaints. An automated review campaign in the Connectivity Dashboard simply makes your job more efficient.

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Customers tend to make purchases because they find what they need when they need it at a price they can afford. Through remarketing campaigns, smart automated messaging, surveys and other marketing campaign automation, you can make sure you are in front of your customers when they are ready to buy.

Automating our marketing campaigns generated more customer reviews than we’d ever had before. But maybe more importantly, the Connectivity campaigns helped us handle complaints we wouldn’t have known about until they were posted on a review site.

Franchise with 130+ locations

Get more positive reviews and happy customers with automated campaigns.

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