As Thanksgiving week comes to a fever pitch and desperate cooks prowl grocery stores for fresh sage and pie crust, we wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” to our wonderful customers and employees. If you’re looking for ways to thank your own customers, we’ve compiled a quick list below. Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Get to Know Your Customers better in 2016

We shared a great story on the blog this week about our own Alex Harris giving his sandwich dollars to a local deli. Why? Because the owner Lisa knew what he liked and sometimes threw in a free cookie or two. Small gestures build loyalty. When that new shoe line comes into the store, email your “loyal list.” When your best customers return week after week, get to know their names. Huge franchise players as well as the Mom-and-Pops on Main Street can get to know their customers a little better.

2. Build a “Customer Delight” Budget

Everyone loves to be noticed. How can you notice your best customers with a free gift, special BOGO coupon or invite to a special event? Just the other day, I ordered a milkshake at a national franchise restaurant. Lowering her voice, the person helping me asked if I’d been invited to their special VIP list? I had not, but within a minute, she gave me a unique code to login and get set up. Soon, free goodies will be on their way to me and my loyalty to this particular chain will be solidified.

3. Train Staff to Say “Thank You”

This may sound ridiculous, but some people need encouragement to say “thank you” to customers. Also, train your staff to announce the point-of-sale total in a way similar to this: “Your total is $37.65, please.” Too many counter staff alienate their customers by rudely barking out the total. Say “please” and “thank you.”

4. Ask for Feedback

As we learned in a Connectivity webinar this year, “reviews are a gift.” Don’t be afraid to ask for the gift of feedback in emails, on receipts or through the Connectivity platform. Let customers know the business is on Yelp. People like to give suggestions.The improvements you make will signal to customers that you are a local business or franchise that actually cares about its customers.

5. Set up an Email List
At first glance, this suggestion might sound self-serving to the franchise, enterprise or local business owner. But by creating a customer email list, you allow more opportunities to thank customers with all of the ideas above. When you have a customer list, everything from targeted marketing, personalized content, special offers and automated text messages becomes possible.

Free Guide:  Want to know how to handle online reviews on sites such as Yelp? Download our Essential Guide to Online Reviews for tips on managing and responding to reviews.

Jennifer is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.