Our Connectivity/Google webinar was hopping Wednesday. We welcomed curious and dedicated participants who had plenty of smart questions about a subject we all contemplate: How do people discover brands online?

Heather Wilburn, Google’s Global Solutions Lead, was our guest presenter, and a fabulous fount of information on all things Google. Below are some key takeaways from our conversation. (If you would like to review the webinar slides, just click over here.)

#1 Google My Business Webinar Key Takeaway

Consumers are searching for local information everywhere, on every device, at every point in the purchase process. You want to make sure your business locations are in Google My Business with correct information such as product availability, address and directions. This information that will appear in online ads and web search results across smartphones, desktops and tablets.

In the webinar, we learned that 32% of customers discover brands through social media and 54% discover brands through online search.

Other great nuggets of information about search:


So, why did Google launch Google My Business? Heather told us that before Google My Business, there was a lot of confusion surrounding Google Places and the Google+ dashboard. Also, there was no mobile experience. Enter Google My Business, and the result is a single dashboard across all devices: desktop, mobile, tablet.

Takeaway #2: Set up Your Business on Google My Business Like A Pro

Heather walked us through a series of simple steps to get a business up and running on Google My Business. She pointed out the Business App Switcher, a new feature that allows users to access helpful apps such as Reviews, AdWords Express, YouTube and Google+.

Always know what persona you are with the Business Identity Switcher. Edit your business listing at any point, making sure to add every piece of information requested.

Thinking of using a stock image rather than a photo of your storefront? Heather said Google would rather serve up search results from businesses using images of their business first; and logos second. Stock images are a distant third. When an attendee asked Heather how Google would know if a business used a stock image, Heather laughed and said, “Google knows.”


Takeaway #3: Create a Business Identity Across Google with Google My Business

Google wants you to connect and engage with customers through your Google+ page. Examples of engagement are:

Takeaway #4: Complete Your Google Checklist

Heather gave us a handy cheat sheet for getting our Google My Business dashboard in order. Don’t forget to start here.

Google My Business Checklist


Help is a click away at support.google.com/business

Thanks again to all who attended the webinar. We’ll make sure to let you know about the next one. Did you attend? Tell us what your favorite takeaway was in the comments!

Josh is Connectivity’s Content Marketing Manager.