Connectivity CEO Matt Booth was a panelist at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit  in Denver earlier in March, along with Anke Heckhoff, vice president of channel partnerships at Closely and Greg Goldfarb, CEO of Flint.

The panelists discussed how their technology products helped small and medium-sized businesses use their own data to drive business decisions. All the panelists agreed that SMBs were generally focused on operating their businesses and not diving into reams of data, however helpful the data analytics might be.

Matt said, “You really have to walk a fine line between ‘Here’s data, here’s how we enable the business and here’s how we can help you do what you do better,’ as opposed to, ‘Here’s some data and let me show you why it is that you’re not actually operating this correctly and we can help you fix what you’re doing.’”

The panelists discussed the varying levels of simplicity that SMBs need with data analytics technology. Greg from Flint noted, “Providing benefits that happen automatically, as a result of behavior that’s ingrained in the business, is a huge win.”

Watch the lively panel at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit, below:

Olga is Senior Manager of Marketing and Sales Operations at Connectivity.