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Unveiling the Future: A Deep Dive into AI Research and Development

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The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in a constant state of flux, propelled by relentless innovation and groundbreaking research. As we peer into the future, exciting advancements and potential applications are taking shape, promising to reshape various aspects of our lives. Let’s delve deeper into the cutting edge of AI research and explore the […]

How to Avoid Small Business Marketing Whiplash

Quick quiz: how many of these small business marketing tactics do you currently pursue? Online ads Retargeting Coupons Loyalty apps Newspaper promotions Social media contests Text messaging offers Are you exhausted yet? You may be. Studies show that more and more local business owners are trying out increasing numbers of marketing plans, tactics and programs. It’s a […]

Steal This: 4 Ideas Small Businesses Can Take from Big Businesses

1. Show Us Your Uniqueness Many of the world’s biggest and best brands are uniquely identifiable. Although your business may never make Forbes’ list of the world’s most valuable brands it’s still vital to strive for uniqueness. Your local business’s uniqueness should be more comprehensive than just a logo. Think of it as a way of […]

Get #onthemap with Google’s New Local Business Program

If you’ve always wanted to list your local business on Google My Business but haven’t yet taken the plunge, Google wants to help. The search engine giant is launching a new program aimed at local businesses called “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map.” Designed for U.S.-based small and medium businesses, the new Google program offers […]

Online Marketing Is So High School: a Connectivity Blog Series

The steps to succeeding in high school politics and finding confidence in oneself are the same as mastering Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and online business in general. Learn the steps to succeeding and being happy with your business online from our new blog series. 5’ 7” tall, 112 pounds, with a matching corduroy outfit and […]

Make Your Call to Action Irresistible

How’s your relationship with your Call to Action (CTA)? You know, that delicate offer we so often think too little about. We’ve all seen and perhaps used a CTA such as: Buy Me. Download NOW! Read More. Cold and pushy CTAs like the ones above can turn off conversions in a flash. Consider this: your […]

Steal These Tips: Four Companies Doing Customer Service Right

More than ever, customer service can be a megaphone. With online review sites only gaining in popularity, how you treat every customer can be broadcast within mere minutes. Focusing on the basics of customer service will help your business, not to mention your online reviews. So with the all-important Google Reviews and Yelp in mind, […]