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[Download] New Connectivity Guide to Online Listings

Online business listings are a cornerstone of any marketing strategy. Get the latest and best info from our new marketing resource: Connectivity’s Complete Guide to Online Listings. Add it to your marketing library now. Listings Are Humble, Powerful Workhorses Accurate online listings are always working on your behalf. By claiming your listings on directories and ensuring the information […]

Grab a Free Facebook Beacon for Your Business

Facebook is offering free beacons for brick-and-mortar businesses that will show information to visitors about your business when they pop open the Facebook app while they’re in store. The information that Facebook will share with visitors is actually fairly useful. It includes: A welcome note and photo Prompts to like your Facebook Page and check […]

3 Great Ways to Make Customers Love Your Franchise Restaurant

It’s a Friday night, and your franchise restaurant is hopping. The wait staff is jamming while the back of the house cranks out some amazing plates. There’s a buzz in the air. Restaurant life is good. We all know that when a family has a little money in their pockets and they are searching for […]

Steal This: 4 Ideas Small Businesses Can Take from Big Businesses

1. Show Us Your Uniqueness Many of the world’s biggest and best brands are uniquely identifiable. Although your business may never make Forbes’ list of the world’s most valuable brands it’s still vital to strive for uniqueness. Your local business’s uniqueness should be more comprehensive than just a logo. Think of it as a way of […]

Improve Sales by Understanding Sentiment: Walkthrough of Our Tool

Sometimes, we just don’t know what customers are thinking. We mean this literally, of course. As marketing managers, we’re simply not in their heads (which is creepy and something we don’t advise). But we can easily use a feature built into the Connectivity Reviews product to leapfrog over the competition and understand what our customers […]

Online Marketing Is So High School: a Connectivity Blog Series

The steps to succeeding in high school politics and finding confidence in oneself are the same as mastering Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and online business in general. Learn the steps to succeeding and being happy with your business online from our new blog series. 5’ 7” tall, 112 pounds, with a matching corduroy outfit and […]