Online business listings are a cornerstone of any marketing strategy. Get the latest and best info from our new marketing resource: Connectivity’s Complete Guide to Online Listings. Add it to your marketing library now.

Listings Are Humble, Powerful Workhorses
Accurate online listings are always working on your behalf. By claiming your listings on directories and ensuring the information is correct, you grab a chunk of the first page of search engine results your business might otherwise miss.

Listings Do More Than You Know
Listings are the secret marketing weapon that many businesses don’t even use…or understand. Some businesses claim listings incorrectly. Some make mistakes by trying something “creative” such as renaming their business a few times on a few sites (don’t do this!) Other businesses ignore listings all together because they are busy planning next year’s product rollout.

Here are a few things listings do: clean, precise listings improve SEO; they can lead to stellar ROI; and correct listings improve the customer experience. Get started on the path with our 18-page guide that offers step-by-step instructions for claiming business listings online, proving ROI and a deeper explanation of why listings and reviews are so important.

Download the Guide today and start improving the way you handle claiming and updating online business listings.

PS Someone claimed your business listing? We’ve got the fix on Page 2.

Jennifer is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.