The most influential and successful individuals in business are thought leaders. Think Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Branson, or Arianna Huffington. Anyone with expertise and ideas has the potential to become a thought leader, and thought leadership is a great marketing tool, especially for professionals in the financial industry. People trust names they recognize, and look to experts for financial advice. If you want to add “thought leader” to your online bio, here are some ways you can raise your profile.

Write Articles and Blog Posts

“Is print journalism dead?” you might wonder. That’s debateable, but writing articles—in print or online—is still a fantastic way to get your name out. Though print readership has been in decline for the last few years, magazine subscriptions have held steady, and in some cases like Wired, have even increased this year. Contribute an article to a trusted financial magazine. You don’t need to write constantly, but if your writing is published in multiple publications, your name will reach a greater audience of people who may want to know more about your work.

You can also set up a blog on your company website to share your financial opinions and advice. If you maintain a regular posting schedule, people will have a reason to keep returning to your site, and your readership will grow. It also shows that you’re always on top of the latest developments in the industry.

Distribute E-newsletters

Similar to articles and blog posts, email newsletters provide a way of sharing your ideas with a wide audience. E-newsletters are effective because they’re delivered to a targeted audience of subscribers. Your mailing list can include your existing clients, but you can increase your audience if you add a subscribe form on your site. (Read our tips on growing your email list.) With Connectivity, you can automate and track your campaigns to ensure your subscribers are reading. Feature excerpts of your blog posts and online articles in your newsletter so that more people can find you on different channels.

Host Webinars or Podcasts

Not confident in your written skills but certain your smooth voice and easy-going nature will engage people? Host a webinar or podcast—it’s fairly easy and inexpensive to set up. What’s more, the percentage of American podcast listeners has nearly doubled since 2008, from 9 to 17%. Focus on a specific subject (personal finance, retirement planning, mortgages, etc.), and start recording: share tips and advice, interview other financial experts, answer listener questions.

Give Speeches

Writing and recording content is great, but if you want to expand your platform, you need to speak directly to your audience. Participate in conference panels like the World Finance Conference or deliver speeches at financial organizations like the American Finance Association. You’re more memorable when you can engage with others in-person, and these events are excellent networking opportunities—you can trade tips and ideas, and discuss potential partnerships with other professionals.

Join Social Media

It’s not enough that you do the above, you have to alert people to your activity. Enter social media—it’s the perfect outlet for telling people about the articles you’ve written, speeches you’ve given, and webinars you’ve hosted. And it gives you a way to connect with your audience and share ideas from other thought leaders. Check out our guide to social media for businesses.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll increase your influence and platform. You likely won’t have time to do all these things, but as long as you regularly publish blog posts or record your podcast series, people will follow you and share your ideas, making you a force to be reckoned with in your industry.

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Ashley Pomeranz is Connectivity’s Western Region Sales Manager.