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Your Customer List With Connectivity Includes

What can you do with a customer list?

  • Send Offers

  • Text Discounts

  • Email Newsletters

  • Offer Birthday Greetings

  • Listen to Social Media

  • See What Customers Interact With You The Most

  • Snail Mail Postcards

  • Host Giveaways

  • Solicit Feedback

More than 86% of small businesses in the United States don’t have a customer list.

You can fix that problem today. Connectivity’s platform is automatic, easy and affordable because we know you’re busy running your business.

The Best List Ever

Connectivity automatically builds the small business owner’s masterpiece: an up-to-date, dynamic customer list so you can target great customers through smart marketing. Once you’re aware who is calling, emailing, texting, making mentions on social media or writing online reviews about your business, the next step is to develop great marketing campaigns to delight your customers.

Customer Data For Busy People

Connectivity offers small businesses helpful tools that offers instant access to your customer data. When you know who your customers are, you can offer them the products and services they need. And when those customers interact with your business, their satisfaction and happiness grows.


And did we mention we do this automatically? As new customers or prospects contact your business, they are automatically added to the list. In fact, as the Connectivity platform gets to work, your existing list will jump in numbers because we’ll uncover a few (or dozens) of customers that haven’t been in to see you for a while. Why not send them an email newsletter or follow them on Instagram today? With Connectivity, it’s easy to put your customer list to work.

The Customer list is the first step toward making your business better.
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Get More Positive Online Reviews

Your customers, competitors and even employees are posting their opinions about your business online. It’s not always fair, but facing the reviews challenge head on is the best way to win. Connectivity is here to help with the tools that allow your business to shine in online reviews.

Connectivity’s platform shows what customers have posted about your business, products and services. Once you’re aware of the online reviews and social media landscape, we help encourage your happiest customers and clients to spread the word. And we’ll also publish the happiest reviews to help drive more business!

As an experienced business owner, you know that generating more positive buzz about your products and services is priceless. In fact, a recent survey said that more than 80 percent of business is generated by word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers.

Want to preview what customers are saying about your business?

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Customer Reporting

Knowledge about your current customers is important. We’ll create customer lists with underlying data: know where in town your customers live; what their interests are; the ratio of males to females; and even if they are homeowner or renters. Use this rich data to drive marketing campaigns and help understand how to better target customer prospects.

Customer Interaction

Connectivity’s technology tracks who calls or emails your business. If your customers write a review or mention your business on a social media site, we’ll let you know in the platform.

Find More Customers

When new people interact with your business by calling or emailing, we can automatically add them to your customer list and discover helpful demographics. Once we have a good understanding of your customers, we help find more just like them by creating targeted Facebook ad campaigns on your behalf.