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Automatically build customer profiles to track when they call, email, text or buy.


A single platform creates automatic connections across devices and databases so you don’t have to.


Measure customer interaction in-store and online to understand what keeps them happy.


Use automated campaigns to keep happy customers coming back and target more customers just like them.


Surprise and delight your customers with the right message tailored to what they love about your brand, your products and your services. It’s easy and automatic. No one is perfect, so gather your customers’ feedback before they post on Internet review sites. Connect with customers for that extra touch and promote positive customer feedback.

Thousands of Businesses Use Connectivity Today

  • Gruen Agency

  • Little Greek Restaurant

  • Reeds Jewelers

  • Sizzlers

  • Linkedmedia 360

  • UDR

More than results

Connectivity provides valuable resources to help your business grow

86% of Local Businesses Do Not Have a Comprehensive Customer List

Connectivity helps build your customer list, automatically. By easily connecting to your phone and email systems, we will automatically start building out your customer list to tell you exactly who your customers are and how they found your business.

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