Be Unique: Don’t Copy the Competition

  As a small business owner, you can probably remember the first time a competitor copied your hard-earned success. It was maddening, right? “Street Tacos and Margarita Tuesday” was your idea. And they ripped it off! On the other side of the coin, perhaps you’ve been the business owner who “borrows” from a competitor. Perhaps […]

Grab a Free Facebook Beacon for Your Business

Facebook is offering free beacons for brick-and-mortar businesses that will show information to visitors about your business when they pop open the Facebook app while they’re in store. The information that Facebook will share with visitors is actually fairly useful. It includes: A welcome note and photo Prompts to like your Facebook Page and check […]

You’re the Expert: Own Your Small Business Niche with Great Content

Today, we’re talking about a topic near and dear to any writer’s heart: content marketing. Get those pencils sharpened; we’re going to write some great content. Content marketing is the planning, creating, production, sharing and measurement of content that is designed to appeal to a distinct audience that a business wants to attain (and retain) […]

How to Avoid Small Business Marketing Whiplash

Quick quiz: how many of these small business marketing tactics do you currently pursue? Online ads Retargeting Coupons Loyalty apps Newspaper promotions Social media contests Text messaging offers Are you exhausted yet? You may be. Studies show that more and more local business owners are trying out increasing numbers of marketing plans, tactics and programs. It’s a […]