How It Works

Connect Your Phone Line

Connectivity integrates seamlessly with RingCentral, so it’s simple to connect your phone line to the platform and get started fast.

Grow Your Customer List

Once your phone line is connected, Connectivity automatically looks at 2 years of phone records to create customer profiles that include key customer data.

Bring Customers to Your Business

Every time a customer interacts with your business, like calls or emails you, posts on social media or writes a review, you get notified in your interaction feed.

Product Features


Customers have opinions about your business. Discover online reviews and social posts from all over the web, respond with authenticity and improve customer experience.


With a customer list, there’s no stopping your business. Automatically create customer lists from phone calls, phone records and emails. Attract more customers and understand how they interact with your business.


Delight your customers with the perfect message at just the right moment. Reach customers automatically with text campaigns when they call or email the business and collect more glowing customer reviews.


Find new customers using lookalike ads on Facebook and remind current customers about your business with targeted Facebook ads.