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What is Connectivity?

At Connectivity, we are more than just marketers – we are marketing enthusiasts who thrive on data-driven strategies. Our mission is clear: to empower you in understanding your customers, strategizing intelligent outreach, and propelling your business growth. Our passion for marketing, combined with our obsession for data, fuels everything we create.

Simplifying Local Business Listings

We understand the significance of accurate local business listings, and we’re committed to ensuring your business is presented seamlessly across directories. Whether it’s manual processes, leveraging industry connections, or real-time automation, we leave no stone unturned to optimize your local listings for the long haul. Once we make an update, you can trust that it sticks.

Claiming local business listings can be a time-consuming endeavor. Our team has experienced the grueling hours it takes to manage directories like Yelp, Google, Yahoo, and many more. We take that burden off your shoulders. Our experts manually claim each listing one by one, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

Why click through multiple websites when you can have a comprehensive view of your business appearance across hundreds of sites in a single dashboard? With us, monitoring progress becomes as easy as a glance.

We do more than fix listings – we monitor your online reputation comprehensively. Our tools gather online reviews, social mentions, check-ins, and photos from a myriad of platforms, aggregating them in one convenient dashboard. Respond to customer conversations effortlessly or take further action.

Unearthing insights from reviews is where we shine. Our review monitoring and analytics tools dissect common keywords in reviews, gauging the sentiment behind them. This analysis gives you a direct line to your customers’ feelings, enabling you to address areas of improvement and celebrate successes, whether it’s on a single location scale or nationwide.

Stay in the loop with our real-time review monitoring. Any new review posted online, even in well-managed listings, will find its way to your Connectivity dashboard. Set up notifications for the right people within your organization and manage social media interactions with ease.

 Our tools go beyond management – they facilitate the collection of positive reviews. The Review Solicitation Tool encourages satisfied customers to share their experiences on review sites of their choice, amplifying your brand coverage across top directories.

We offer flexible subscription plans to cater to your needs. Whether you prefer a monthly commitment or a yearly plan, we’re here to support your journey.

 Our Connectivity suite digs deep into social media monitoring and sentiment analysis, offering insights into customer feelings about specific topics across locations, regions, or the entire enterprise.

Take control of your online reputation by choosing which reviews trigger notifications. Fast engagement in customer conversations often resolves issues swiftly, potentially leading to review updates or the removal of negative feedback.

Leverage our Review Solicitation Tool and industry best practices to boost your review scores. Responding promptly to reviews contributes to an improved customer experience.

Our Customer Insight Software offers seamless integration with your customer list. Whether you connect via phone, email, POS system, or manual input, our platform ensures no data field is left incomplete.

Unlock valuable customer insights through segmentation reports that highlight key demographics. Our customer scoring algorithm empowers you to allocate resources more effectively in marketing campaigns.

Every customer interaction, from purchases to emails, is tracked in our dashboard. Gain insights into your most engaged customers and tailor your communication to resonate with different segments.

Our Connectivity suite seamlessly integrates Customer Insights with other tools, enabling comprehensive customer research to inform your review management, social media monitoring, business listing performance, and automated marketing campaigns.

At Connectivity, we live and breathe marketing, and we’re here to guide you on a journey of data-driven success. Explore our features, understand your customers better, and embark on a path to unparalleled business growth with us. Subscribe today to witness the transformation firsthand.

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