Facebook Reviews Gain Ground on Yelp and Google

It’s a fact that local or enterprise businesses ignore online reviews at their peril. From haircuts to teeth cleanings to trendy cocktails, consumers freely give their opinions online about their everyday experiences. Online reviews are a never-ending stream arriving on a smartphone near you, complete with stars (one to five!), angry rants and glowing praises. […]

5 Tips for Yelp Superstar Status

Are you ready to supercharge your Yelp profile? It’s never been more important to spend a little time and effort on this ubiquitous consumer review site that boasts a monthly average of 120 million unique visitors. Fifty-five million of those visitors are mobile users. What you might not know is that Yelp’s data aggregation is […]

Connectivity Quiz: What Kind of Business Owner Are You?

“The woman who helped me was obviously clueless. She was rude, too. Even the office decor was depressing. I will never, ever come back here!” 1 Star Review on Yelp Ouch! Your business just received the review above and the Connectivity platform alerted you that it was posted on a popular review site. Your stomach […]