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Make Your Franchise Stand Out: How to Connect with Your Local Customers

One of the issues that franchises face is the need to balance national brand consistency with local consumer preferences. In franchising, the owner (or franchisor) of a product licenses the distribution of their goods to a franchisee (who is permitted to use the owner’s trademark) but it comes with a certain set of regulations. That doesn’t […]

The Rise and Fall of Billboards: Are They Worth It?


  We’ve all seen billboards advertising everything from the next big television show to new real estate developments. We probably even have a few memorable billboards stuck in our heads—remember the Mark Wahlberg billboards for Calvin Klein? But are billboards an effective marketing tactic for small businesses? We examine the pros and cons of billboards […]

Be Unique: Don’t Copy the Competition

  As a small business owner, you can probably remember the first time a competitor copied your hard-earned success. It was maddening, right? “Street Tacos and Margarita Tuesday” was your idea. And they ripped it off! On the other side of the coin, perhaps you’ve been the business owner who “borrows” from a competitor. Perhaps […]

5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Get More Customers [webinar]

mapping your way to local businesses

In this webinar, we shared 5 key tactics for to get more customers using digital marketing. We focused on franchises, but a lot of these ideas can apply to any organization. The 5 tips were: 1. Exist Everywhere 2. Optimize Location Pages 3. Be Consistent 4. Email & Post Smarter 5. Create Content Get a […]

Local Marketing in Ten Minutes Per Day

There’s a dizzying array of marketing choices for local businesses, and each day seems to bring another way to capture sales. From mobile coupons to build-it-yourself promotions to email campaigns, the menu of options is endless. It’s enough to make a local business owner’s head spin. If marketing has you confused or unable to move […]