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Unveiling the Future: A Deep Dive into AI Research and Development

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The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in a constant state of flux, propelled by relentless innovation and groundbreaking research. As we peer into the future, exciting advancements and potential applications are taking shape, promising to reshape various aspects of our lives. Let’s delve deeper into the cutting edge of AI research and explore the […]

AI: Your New Powerhouse Teammate – Unveiling the Future of Collaboration

Remember the office scenes from movies where robots seamlessly assist humans in their tasks? Turns out, those scenes aren’t just futuristic fiction anymore. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly weaving itself into the fabric of our professional lives, not as a replacement for human talent, but as a powerful collaborator, augmenting our strengths and unlocking new […]

AI to the Rescue: How Artificial Intelligence is Supercharging Data Quality

In today’s data-driven world, the quality of your information is paramount. Bad data leads to bad decisions, and in the age of AI and machine learning, the consequences can be far-reaching. Thankfully, artificial intelligence itself is emerging as a powerful weapon in the fight for better data quality. The Data Quality Dilemma Before we dive […]

You’re Invited to a Webinar: “The Right Ways to Use Analytics for Local Businesses”

What: “The Right Ways to Use Analytics for Local Businesses” Webinar with Carlin Leung, a Strategic Analyst and Google Analytics expert at Quiet.ly and Connectivity Content Marketing Manager Josh Ades. Why: Because “vanity metrics” don’t do anything for your business. Your website needs a reason to exist and a link to the right measurements. We’ll […]

Get #onthemap with Google’s New Local Business Program

If you’ve always wanted to list your local business on Google My Business but haven’t yet taken the plunge, Google wants to help. The search engine giant is launching a new program aimed at local businesses called “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map.” Designed for U.S.-based small and medium businesses, the new Google program offers […]

Matt Booth at Local Data Summit: How Big Data Is Transforming Small Business

Connectivity CEO Matt Booth was a panelist at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit  in Denver earlier in March, along with Anke Heckhoff, vice president of channel partnerships at Closely and Greg Goldfarb, CEO of Flint. The panelists discussed how their technology products helped small and medium-sized businesses use their own data to drive business decisions. […]

Make Me Care: Broadcast Your Uniqueness to Win More Sales

The good news is your business is finally hitting its stride: the product is the best it’s ever been. Your employees can articulate why and how your products and services can benefit potential customers. Your business even has a mobile website now, and a robust email list for contacting customers. You’re poised for success. The […]

Are You in the Right Google Category for Your Business?

It’s a simple task that some business owners might flub by accident: we’re talking about the all-important primary business category you select when claiming your Google Local page in the Google My Business Dashboard. As part of the signup process, when visiting the Google My Business dashboard, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to choose […]

Steal These Tips: Four Companies Doing Customer Service Right

More than ever, customer service can be a megaphone. With online review sites only gaining in popularity, how you treat every customer can be broadcast within mere minutes. Focusing on the basics of customer service will help your business, not to mention your online reviews. So with the all-important Google Reviews and Yelp in mind, […]

Keywords 101: Choosing the Right Keywords for SEO

You probably know that the right keywords can lead online searchers to your business, but you may have struggled to identify what keywords are best. Use our quick guide to brainstorm, research and select a list of keywords. To create a keywords list, you’ll need a pen, paper and access to a free keyword suggestion tool […]

Connectivity Is Your Secret Weapon: Know the Competition

Competition is a fact of life in business. Chances are, there is another business like yours serving the same pool of potential customers. This competition pushes all of us to do better work: a faster product, more authentic customer service, a more enjoyable experience for the client. The Connectivity platform searches hundreds of customer review […]

Holiday Facebook Makeover: Shopping Season Is Right Around the Corner

Holiday shopping, are you kidding? We’re totally serious. It’s time to think about holiday social media strategy for your local business. Today, we’re talking Facebook. A new study from G/O, Gannett’s digital marketing arm, shows younger shoppers place a premium on the reviews for local businesses they find on Facebook. Eighty percent of the shoppers […]