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How Do I Delete Bad Online Reviews?

Your business received a scathing review on Yelp. Or Facebook Reviews. Or Angie’s List. It’s inaccurate, exaggerated or just a simple misunderstanding. Is it possible to delete the review? In most cases, it’s not going to happen. (If you believe the review to be fraudulent or it concerns a product you don’t sell or a […]

Facebook Reviews Gain Ground on Yelp and Google

It’s a fact that local or enterprise businesses ignore online reviews at their peril. From haircuts to teeth cleanings to trendy cocktails, consumers freely give their opinions online about their everyday experiences. Online reviews are a never-ending stream arriving on a smartphone near you, complete with stars (one to five!), angry rants and glowing praises. […]

How Online Reviews Lead to More Revenue

It used to be that gatekeepers—publicists, brands, advertising agencies—told us everything we needed to know about what movies to watch, the best way to lose weight and how to make our mouths minty and fresh. But online reviews, social media and celebrities on Twitter brought the curtain crashing down. Now, if you want to buy, […]