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Medical Practices: 3 Tips for Creating a Service Patients Trust

Medical Desk with pens

Developing trust with patients begins online before they come into your office. According to Google’s digital wellness study, 77% of patients conduct an online search before booking an appointment, 50% of patients recommend doctors, and 18% post online reviews of health clinics. If your existing patients view you as a reliable and principled doctor, they’ll […]

Is Tweeting Part of the Hippocratic Oath?

Hippocratic Oath

Paging all doctors. It must be frustrating to deal with patients who have no problem pulling their car into a mechanic and saying, “The thingy is making a wonky sound. Know what I mean?” But when they go to the doctor, they show up loaded with information about likely prognosis and what treatment they need. […]

Social Media for Doctors: 4 Tips for Patient Confidentiality

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Although it was once thought of as a fad, social media is here to stay. According to the National Small Business Association, more than 70% of small business owners have a social media account for their business. But social media creates a unique complication for medical practitioners: how to engage patients without sacrificing confidentiality. As […]

Correct Healthcare Listings Lead to Better Online Reputations

Across the country, a vast landscape of doctors’ offices, hospitals, specialists, university-affiliated practitioners and outpatient facilities takes care of millions of patients. That’s the good news. The bad news? All of these professionals and offices need correct online listings, but they seldom have them in place. And as we all know, when online listings are […]