Unveiling the Future: A Deep Dive into AI Research and Development

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The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in a constant state of flux, propelled by relentless innovation and groundbreaking research. As we peer into the future, exciting advancements and potential applications are taking shape, promising to reshape various aspects of our lives. Let’s delve deeper into the cutting edge of AI research and explore the […]

Navigating the Moral Maze: AI and the Ethical Tightrope

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming our world, from automating tasks to powering groundbreaking discoveries. But with its immense potential comes an equally significant responsibility: ensuring its development and use align with ethical principles. Several key areas within AI demand careful ethical consideration: Bias and Fairness: AI algorithms can perpetuate societal biases present in the […]

5 Simple Tips for Effective Lead Outreach

You’ve determined your target audience and you’re exploring different channels to find new leads. But you won’t make a sale if you don’t engage in effective outreach. Here are five tips to help you get a better response from prospective customers: Build Trust, Then Sell As with anything in business, having a great strategy can […]

Competitive Edge: 6 Ways to Build Your Franchise’s Online Presence

Let’s face it, the standard ways of online marketing (like a basic website) won’t cut it in today’s world alone. Sure, one of the benefits of being a franchisee is that you can capitalize on the name recognition of your franchisor’s brand, but there’s more you can do to show that your business isn’t just […]

5 Ways to Learn More About Your Customers (Without Sending Them a Survey)

“I’m sick of surveys.” Do you agree or disagree with that statement? Marketers love surveys but customers often find them cumbersome. Customers like companies that reach out to them, but surveys—even the ones offering big prizes in exchange for filling out long questionnaires—aren’t always the best way to do so. There are other methods to […]

Connectivity Team Spotlight: Meet Michelle Carpio

Marketing Intern Michelle Carpio was originally hired to do something a little outside of the norm: her first assignment was accepting packages at Connectivity’s new offices in Burbank. Michelle was a typical college student, attending classes and holding down several jobs. A temp agency hooked her up with the package babysitting job, and Michelle would […]

Franchise Marketing Webinar: Key Takeaways

We jumped into digital best practices yesterday at our 5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Get More Customers webinar. As marketers, we’re all searching for the right mix of tactics and strategies to take our business to the top of the charts. Sometimes, we’d settle for the middle of the chart…or even just a rung on […]

The Banking Industry Is Getting Ready to Drop A Lot of Money on Digital Marketing

When was the last time a bank handed you a toaster? The free toaster, that relic of bank marketing from a bygone era, ushered in more traditional financial advertising (think brochures and television commercials). But these days, the banking industry is saying goodbye to old-line advertising and hello to online and mobile media. In fact, […]