5 Do-This-Now Content Marketing Strategies for Enterprise

Sitting on the content throne is a pretty sweet place to be. After all, we content marketing folks have been crowned “king” and “queen” for years now. But there’s truth to the worn-out cliches about content being “king” (or queen!) because in the end, content marketing is the only marketing that customers return to again […]

Local Marketing in Ten Minutes Per Day

There’s a dizzying array of marketing choices for local businesses, and each day seems to bring another way to capture sales. From mobile coupons to build-it-yourself promotions to email campaigns, the menu of options is endless. It’s enough to make a local business owner’s head spin. If marketing has you confused or unable to move […]

User Generated Content: Love Your Fans and They’ll Love You Back

User generated content or UGC is a busy buzzword these days. It refers to the content that consumers create about your brand: ratings, reviews, blog posts about products, photos uploaded to brand sites, video testimonials and images uploaded to social platforms, among others. Your brand likely already has user-generated content streaming in to your website, […]