Seeing Through Machines: Computer Vision Transforming the Real World

Imagine cars navigating city streets without drivers, security systems identifying individuals with unmatched accuracy, and medical diagnoses aided by microscopic scans interpreted by AI. This isn’t science fiction; it’s the power of computer vision (CV) impacting our world today. Seeing Beyond Human Eyes CV empowers machines to “see” and understand visual information. By processing images […]

AI: Your New Powerhouse Teammate – Unveiling the Future of Collaboration

Remember the office scenes from movies where robots seamlessly assist humans in their tasks? Turns out, those scenes aren’t just futuristic fiction anymore. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly weaving itself into the fabric of our professional lives, not as a replacement for human talent, but as a powerful collaborator, augmenting our strengths and unlocking new […]

Tour the New Connectivity Office

We recently moved into our new Connectivity office digs in Burbank, and we’re thrilled with the new space. Allison Rosenberg of Homepolish and Allison Rosenberg Design created our beautiful offices. We’re surrounded by fresh and colorful art, curated by art consultant Keith Trigaci. The office has even been featured on Huff Post Home. We are settling in nicely. […]

Make Me Care: Broadcast Your Uniqueness to Win More Sales

The good news is your business is finally hitting its stride: the product is the best it’s ever been. Your employees can articulate why and how your products and services can benefit potential customers. Your business even has a mobile website now, and a robust email list for contacting customers. You’re poised for success. The […]

The Computer in Your Pocket Matters More Than You Think

That mobile phone on the desk? The tablet sitting beside you on the couch? Those devices have a hold on us—and we’re not talking about the latest angry avian or crushing candy game. Those devices tell millions of people, each minute, where to drive, where to eat and what to buy. It’s important that your […]

Four Ways to Grow Your Email List from Scratch

You take good care of your customers, selecting just the right merchandise that will delight. Your store is a labor of love: you’ve invested in displays, furniture and perhaps a shiny new point-of-sale (POS) system. Employees are trained carefully to welcome store visitors and assist them with their purchases. Your website is easy to use; […]

5 Tips for Yelp Superstar Status

Are you ready to supercharge your Yelp profile? It’s never been more important to spend a little time and effort on this ubiquitous consumer review site that boasts a monthly average of 120 million unique visitors. Fifty-five million of those visitors are mobile users. What you might not know is that Yelp’s data aggregation is […]

Don’t Get Hacked on Google Maps

I read with interest a recent story about the rapid decline of a northern Virginia restaurant called the Serbian Crown. Serving lion meat, chilled vodka drinks and other specialities, the Serbian Crown was decorated in a luxurious Old World style. But business dropped off dramatically in 2012, and after layoffs and declining service, the […]

Make Sure Your Online Business Listing Is Correct…Customers Are Searching for You

It’s a funny thing about online business listings: they aren’t foolproof. They have errors—most of the time. Picture a potential customer for your business. They crave your much buzzed-about fresh cinnamon rolls. Or their brand-new used car needs insurance and your agency has been recommended by a friend. Perhaps your women’s clothing boutique was featured […]

New Changes to Google Algorithm Shuffles Local Search Results

Recently, local search observers noticed that the ubiquitous “7-pack” on Google searches had disappeared for some business categories. The “7-pack” is the grouping of local businesses that used to appear when a user searched for “restaurants in Denver,” for example. This change was brought about by a tweak to Google’s algorithm, dubbed “Pigeon” by Search […]