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Customer Insights Webinar Recap [Replay Video]

Today’s webinar featured our newest product: Customer Insights. We took a spin around the platform and brainstormed a few ideas for using the platform’s powerful data segmentation. Watch the webinar for yourself (below) or click through the slides at the bottom of this post. Thanks to all who attended! If you would like a demo […]

Key Takeaways + Recording: Digital Marketing for Franchises Webinar

We unpeeled the many layers of franchise marketing today at the Connectivity “Must-Do Digital Marketing for Franchises” webinar. Franchise marketing goes way back and while a lot of it worked for a long time, as we all know, we’re now living it up in a digital age. What’s a franchise marketer to do? Plenty, it […]

You’re Invited to a Webinar: “Must-Do Digital Marketing for Franchises”

What: “Clearing the Fog: Must-Do Digital Marketing for Franchises” Webinar with host Liane Caruso, President of CRUSH Agency and Connectivity Content Marketing Manager Josh Ades. Why: Because franchises need great digital marketing strategies. What worked for your business in 2010 is probably not working today. When: Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015 Time: 11:00 a.m. PST | 1:00 p.m. CST | 2:00 p.m. EST […]

Key Takeaways: “The Right Ways to Use Analytics for Local Businesses”

We’ve been publishing content this month about Google Analytics and how to apply it (and other non-Google tools) to websites. Our amazing blog experts have taught us a thing or two. Yesterday’s webinar included more analytics lessons. Carlin Leung, Strategic Analyst for Quietly, joined our own Josh Ades for a helpful look at Google Analytics. Don’t worry if […]

You’re Invited to a Webinar: “The Right Ways to Use Analytics for Local Businesses”

What: “The Right Ways to Use Analytics for Local Businesses” Webinar with Carlin Leung, a Strategic Analyst and Google Analytics expert at Quiet.ly and Connectivity Content Marketing Manager Josh Ades. Why: Because “vanity metrics” don’t do anything for your business. Your website needs a reason to exist and a link to the right measurements. We’ll […]

Key Takeaways from “ROI of Listings and Reviews” Webinar

There are listings and reviews, but where’s the ROI? That was the subject of today’s webinar with our presenters Kemal Demirhisar, Solutions Engineer at Connectivity, and Josh Ades, Connectivity Content Marketing Manager. Below are some key takeaways from our webinar conversation (which included a Connectivity product tour as well!). Also check out the SlideShare presentation […]

You’re Invited to a Webinar: “ROI of Listings and Reviews”

What: “ROI of Listings and Reviews” Webinar with Kemal Demirhisar, Solutions Engineer at Connectivity, and Josh Ades, Connectivity Content Marketing Manager Why: Because it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of SEO strategies and take our eyes off of the prize: increasing revenue. When: Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015 Time: 11:00 a.m. PST | 1:00 p.m. CST | 2:00 […]

Data Aggregators: Webinar Recording and Key Takeaways

Today’s webinar plunged into the orderly world of data aggregators. This is definitely one of those topics where most marketers can say, “I know a little about data aggregators. I think.” It’s a topic that is often best left to the experts, and luckily, we found a great one. Our fount of information was Joe […]

Webinar Recording & Takeaways: Optimizing Your Business’ Online Presence for Local Search

Today’s webinar dove into the technical side of SEO for local and enterprise businesses. We were fortunate to partner with Linkmedia 360’s Chad Luckie who shared his firm’s tested formula for getting great SEO: an emphasis on a list of third-party publisher strategies combined with top-notch location page construction. Check out the recorded presentation below […]

Franchise Marketing Webinar: Key Takeaways

We jumped into digital best practices yesterday at our 5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Get More Customers webinar. As marketers, we’re all searching for the right mix of tactics and strategies to take our business to the top of the charts. Sometimes, we’d settle for the middle of the chart…or even just a rung on […]

5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Get More Customers [webinar]

mapping your way to local businesses

In this webinar, we shared 5 key tactics for to get more customers using digital marketing. We focused on franchises, but a lot of these ideas can apply to any organization. The 5 tips were: 1. Exist Everywhere 2. Optimize Location Pages 3. Be Consistent 4. Email & Post Smarter 5. Create Content Get a […]

Reviews Webinar: Key Takeaways

webinar laptop - first slide

We dove deep into online review strategies yesterday at the Connectivity Get More Online Reviews for Your Business without Breaking the Rules webinar. There’s a lot of strong feelings around online reviews, and for good reason. Many businesses struggle with ho-hum 2.5-star reviews and confusion about whether paying for advertising is worth it or not. […]

Webinar Tomorrow: Get More Online Reviews for Your Business

We hope we’ll see you tomorrow at our free webinar, Get More Online Reviews for Your Business without Breaking the Rules. Here’s the quick link to register. We realize there’s no magic pill to make the online reviews space better overnight. And we know some local businesses have been burned with bad reviews (and then […]