Local with a Purpose: 7 Steps to Create a Local Business Marketing Strategy

A local marketing strategy is key to any company, whether it’s a small local business or one that’s part of a larger franchise. According to a comScore study, 78% of people who conduct a local mobile search follow up with an offline purchase. But local marketing takes some effort and a bit of planning to […]

4 Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies for 2016​

Whether you operate a small business or manage a franchise, you’ll find that the customers who are closest to you are the easiest to reach. That’s because more and more searches these days include the phrase “near me,” “closest,” or “nearby.” Take advantage of your proximity to your customers, and encourage them to visit your […]

Google Says Goodbye to Google+ Local

On Nov. 17, Google started rolling out a brand-new look (sound familiar?) to Google+ that pretty much shuts down Google+ Local pages. It’s not such terrible news, however, as most searchers found the information they needed about local businesses from the search page— not the business’s Google+ Local page. Here’s what the new Google+ looks […]

How to Measure Local Search Traffic in Google Analytics

local search traffic

  Google Analytics is an amazing tool for your business—it can process tons of data and tell you just about anything you need to know about your website. It also tells you a lot that you don’t need to know, which can be distracting for business owners who simply need to focus on data relevant […]

How to Use “Near Me” Mobile Searches to Improve Your Traffic

near me mobile search connectivity

Consumers seek immediately accessible information, and that often means they’re looking for it on their smartphones. Thanks to GPS, consumers don’t have to type in their city or region to conduct a local search—they can simply search for a specific type of business and add the words “near me” (“closest” and “nearby” also get used). […]

Google Maps Update and Why It’s SO Important

Google Maps Update

Everyone who has ever needed to stop and get gas while driving from location A to B and could not search for a gas station without losing their original destination, rejoice and raise your glass in celebration! Google announced this week that it will be pushing out an update to Google Maps that will allow […]

Tips for Google Analytics Newbies


Perhaps you’ve heard of Google Analytics. You may know it’s a good thing to pay attention to, but aren’t sure where to start. The good news is that it’s not as complicated as you might think, and a simple introduction can get you rolling in no time. Let’s review some “Google Analytics for beginners” insider […]

Tracking User Activity: Where Are Your Web Users Coming From?


One of the best things about using web analytics tools for your business is tracking user activity; namely where your visitors are coming from, be it social media, other websites, or simply by visiting your site directly. Knowing your traffic sources is essential for improving your business since it helps you evaluate the effectiveness of […]

Your Guide to Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics

track conversions on google analytics

When it comes to running your websites, knowing general high-level details such as time on site, visitor counts, and pages visited is helpful, yet they’re only a small piece of your website operations. One of the primary features of analytics software is being able to view the details of user activities. By using Google Analytics, […]

How to Setup Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

google analytics ecommerce

If you have an online store, chances are it has standard webpages with information about your business. Google Analytics is a great tool to make sure your website is working for you. But if you want to make the most of it, you’ll need to properly set up ecommerce tracking. With ecommerce tracking, you’ll keep […]

5 Awesome Google Analytics Alternatives

google analytics alternatives connectivity

As a business owner, you know the importance of providing the best experience to your customers. In a brick-and-mortar store it’s relatively easy to speak with customers and get feedback from them instantly. The web, however, is a bit more complex. You can always use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels to engage […]

What Is Google Search Console?


So you’ve set up Google Analytics, and you’re now tracking basic metrics to ensure your website’s success. The next step is to add another layer of tools to better understand how your site is performing in search results. Google’s Webmaster Tools can be summarized by this: “You want to be found on the web. We […]

Common Google Analytics Terms Defined

google-analytics-terms- connectivity

Developed for both beginner and seasoned Google Analytics users, this glossary provides the most up-to-date definitions for common Google Analytics terms in 2015. Because Google continually makes updates to their Analytics software and user interface, reviewing the current definitions for Analytics metrics and the latest useful features is fundamental to taking advantage of your data. […]

6 Google Marketing Tools You Should Be Using


Sometimes you need a little help from your friends and in this case, this friend comes in the form of Google. Sure, you may already be very familiar with Google as a robust online search engine, but did you know there are a number of Google marketing tools that are perfect for small businesses? There’s […]

Bing Analytics for Business: Relevant to My Local Business?


You’ve probably read reports about Google being the main source of search traffic across the web. It’s true – the vast majority of search engine traffic to your website will come from Google. There are other sources of traffic out there, though. Let’s consider Bing, the web search engine from Microsoft. While it may only […]