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5 Ways to Learn More About Your Customers (Without Sending Them a Survey)

“I’m sick of surveys.” Do you agree or disagree with that statement? Marketers love surveys but customers often find them cumbersome. Customers like companies that reach out to them, but surveys—even the ones offering big prizes in exchange for filling out long questionnaires—aren’t always the best way to do so. There are other methods to […]

What Mobile Payments Mean for Your Business

Using Mobile Payments

Smartphones are the modern equivalent of the multipurpose Swiss Army Knife. The only things the smartphone hasn’t totally replaced are your keys and wallet … yet. This is quickly changing with mobile payments as the financial technology space evolves. Banks are offering customers the ability to pay for purchases by using their mobile devices, and […]

Using Samsung Pay and Apple Pay: How Mobile Payments Can Boost Sales

Is your business ready for the next wave of payment technologies? Ever since Apple and Android got into the mobile payments space, many consumers have been pulling out their phones rather than wallets to pay for purchases. Initially, mobile payment platforms such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay were slow to take off due to […]

Happy Thanksgiving: 5 Ways to Thank Your Customers

As Thanksgiving week comes to a fever pitch and desperate cooks prowl grocery stores for fresh sage and pie crust, we wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” to our wonderful customers and employees. If you’re looking for ways to thank your own customers, we’ve compiled a quick list below. Happy Thanksgiving! 1. Get to Know […]

Can I Use Google Analytics to Monitor Foot Traffic Analytics?


There are a lot of services providing detailed retail analytics. Connectivity is all about automation, and generating as much data as possible allows the platform’s data analytics to generate detailed illustrated reports about customers. Merging Google Analytics data with internal network traffic provides a full picture of customer activity. But what about foot traffic? Does […]

How to Reward Customers on a Small Budget


  Your business is doing well and you’d like to reward your loyal customers, but you just don’t have enough money to go all out (so much for that confetti cannon). It’s not all bad news because you can reward your customers without blowing your budget. You might have to spend bit of money or […]

Battle of the Small Businesses: Differentiating from Local Competition

small business competition

While no two businesses are identical, setting yours apart from all the others can be a challenge, especially if you’re in an industry where small business competition is aplenty. But there are still many ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors—from emphasizing the unique features about your goods and services to finding a voice that […]

How to Grow Your Email List Instantly


  You might wonder why you need an email list, especially if you’re a small business with both a physical location and an online presence. The truth is email lists are key to growing your business. Email lists are a fantastic way to reach out to your customers and provide them with important, timely information […]

5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty (without spending a dime)


Whether you’re a real estate agent or a chef, an entrepreneur’s common goal of growing business (because no matter how altruistic one is, we are in it for business) depends greatly on customer loyalty. First step’s first: define the purpose of your brand. Your brand reflects your mission and the identity of your service or […]

How to Bring Customers Back: 10 Simple (Free!) Tips


It doesn’t take a fancy degree from Harvard Business School to understand your customer acquisition and retention rates are important. Just about any episode of TV’s Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den shells out this business tip to entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs (to use a phrase coined by shark Mark Cuban) alike. This is because as expensive […]

Franchise Tips that Will Make Your Location Shine Bright Like a Diamond


You know you stand out from the crowd of other franchises. But, do your customers know that? Have they seen what makes your individual store a notch above the “other guy” down the road? Just because your awning displays a corporate logo doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your individual small business skills. Use these franchise […]

How to Promote Your Business Locally through Media


With the prevalence of social media, it’s easy to forget that you can still promote your business in the local media and that local media remains a powerful way to inform the public about your services. Some promotional services, like advertising, require you to spend large amounts of money. But there are other less costly […]

Step Aside Millennials: How to Market to Generation X


With the media spotlight often hitting Millennials, marketing to Gen X may seem like a total mystery. How can businesses reach them? Who is Generation X? A pool of nearly 50 million, Generation X comprises 16 percent of our U.S. makeup and ranges in age from about 39 to 50-years old. Gen Xers are sandwiched […]

The Best Location Based Apps and Services for Small Business


As a small business owner, knowing which digital tools you need to sign up for to market your business can be challenging. There are thousands of location based apps and services to choose from, and you may not know where to start. To help you out, we’ve narrowed these down by category and picked the […]

The Benefits of Collaborating with Other Small Business Owners


You know that old saying: Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer. Although fellow small business owners in your niche aren’t exactly enemies, they are the competition. And, you need to know what they’re up to at all times. Collaborating with competitors isn’t anything new, but it should be on your radar. Why? […]