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Seeing Through Machines: Computer Vision Transforming the Real World

Imagine cars navigating city streets without drivers, security systems identifying individuals with unmatched accuracy, and medical diagnoses aided by microscopic scans interpreted by AI. This isn’t science fiction; it’s the power of computer vision (CV) impacting our world today. Seeing Beyond Human Eyes CV empowers machines to “see” and understand visual information. By processing images […]

5 Ways to Learn More About Your Customers (Without Sending Them a Survey)

“I’m sick of surveys.” Do you agree or disagree with that statement? Marketers love surveys but customers often find them cumbersome. Customers like companies that reach out to them, but surveys—even the ones offering big prizes in exchange for filling out long questionnaires—aren’t always the best way to do so. There are other methods to […]

5 Ways to Streamline Your Daily Digital Marketing Task List

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Christmas Eve is almost here and it’s time for me to start packing up the sleigh and getting the reindeer ready for an evening of delivering presents all over the world. As you can imagine, I’m visiting a lot of homes all over the world and it can be difficult keeping everyone straight—who’s naughty, who’s […]

Is Your Lead a Good Fit? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

Sure uncovering sales leads is necessary in today’s saturated market, but the subsequent legwork of converting them needs to be maximized efficiently. Developing proposals, providing estimates, or answering customer questions takes valuable time, so it’s important to ensure you’re talking to the right people and not barking up the wrong tree. Many salespeople use the BANT […]

2018 Year End Overview of Business Reviews

Connectivity has long been the leader in local data having aggregated and monitored data throughout the web for almost a decade and a half.  We have nearly a billion reviews that we have not only discovered but gone back to check many times over to verify any catch any updates.  The reviews and other content […]

Accurate Data is a Game Changer for Your Company

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Crisp, clean data. It doesn’t sound very exciting, but its impact on a company is monumental. To start, clean data has a major impact on marketing and reporting. By actively cleaning and maintaining quality data, you enable your organization to track leads more efficiently, report on ROI numbers accurately, and retarget with more success. You […]

Target Your Audience: How to Improve Campaigns with Better Customer Data

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It’s no secret that businesses benefit from strategic email campaigns—whether that’s by improving customer retention, gaining new clientele, or boosting revenue. The key to success is to optimize the customer data you’ve collected over time through emails, phone calls, and in-store visits. Here are a few ways you can channel that data into an effective […]