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Webinar Recording & Takeaways: Optimizing Your Business’ Online Presence for Local Search

Today’s webinar dove into the technical side of SEO for local and enterprise businesses. We were fortunate to partner with Linkmedia 360’s Chad Luckie who shared his firm’s tested formula for getting great SEO: an emphasis on a list of third-party publisher strategies combined with top-notch location page construction. Check out the recorded presentation below […]

Matt Booth at Local Data Summit: How Big Data Is Transforming Small Business

Connectivity CEO Matt Booth was a panelist at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit  in Denver earlier in March, along with Anke Heckhoff, vice president of channel partnerships at Closely and Greg Goldfarb, CEO of Flint. The panelists discussed how their technology products helped small and medium-sized businesses use their own data to drive business decisions. […]

Happy New Year from Connectivity: Be More Creative in 2015

While we are wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with joy, peace and prosperity, let us also ask: do you want to be more creative? The start of a New Year is when many people enjoy selecting a resolution or two. Whether it’s losing twenty pounds or vowing to exercise more, resolutions fall securely […]

Videos We’re Watching Now. “Are You Human?” A TED Talk

As we go about life and business here at Connectivity, there is a shared passion that connects us to each other: creating great products for small and large businesses alike that are affordable and indispensable. A TED talk we’re fond of is called “Are You Human?” In the four-minute video, Frank Ze asks the TED […]

Tour the New Connectivity Office

We recently moved into our new Connectivity office digs in Burbank, and we’re thrilled with the new space. Allison Rosenberg of Homepolish and Allison Rosenberg Design created our beautiful offices. We’re surrounded by fresh and colorful art, curated by art consultant Keith Trigaci. The office has even been featured on Huff Post Home. We are settling in nicely. […]

User Generated Content: Love Your Fans and They’ll Love You Back

User generated content or UGC is a busy buzzword these days. It refers to the content that consumers create about your brand: ratings, reviews, blog posts about products, photos uploaded to brand sites, video testimonials and images uploaded to social platforms, among others. Your brand likely already has user-generated content streaming in to your website, […]

Use the Reviews “Keyword Search” Tool to Increase Sales

You may have used the Reviews tool on the Connectivity platform to view and respond to recent customer reviews. Perhaps you’ve checked out the competition’s reviews or even logged in to a customer review site to give a response to a negative review. If you’ve done any of the above: congratulations! You are using the […]

Connectivity Connects with Agencies

Nothing’s better than helping a client be successful. When you are working with clients day in and day out, their business goals become your business goals. You care about their success and you work hard to help them achieve it. This sentiment is true of our agency partners. It’s no exaggeration to say Connectivity operates […]

The Computer in Your Pocket Matters More Than You Think

That mobile phone on the desk? The tablet sitting beside you on the couch? Those devices have a hold on us—and we’re not talking about the latest angry avian or crushing candy game. Those devices tell millions of people, each minute, where to drive, where to eat and what to buy. It’s important that your […]

Four Ways to Grow Your Email List from Scratch

You take good care of your customers, selecting just the right merchandise that will delight. Your store is a labor of love: you’ve invested in displays, furniture and perhaps a shiny new point-of-sale (POS) system. Employees are trained carefully to welcome store visitors and assist them with their purchases. Your website is easy to use; […]

Connectivity Quiz: What Kind of Business Owner Are You?

“The woman who helped me was obviously clueless. She was rude, too. Even the office decor was depressing. I will never, ever come back here!” 1 Star Review on Yelp Ouch! Your business just received the review above and the Connectivity platform alerted you that it was posted on a popular review site. Your stomach […]

Make Sure Your Online Business Listing Is Correct…Customers Are Searching for You

It’s a funny thing about online business listings: they aren’t foolproof. They have errors—most of the time. Picture a potential customer for your business. They crave your much buzzed-about fresh cinnamon rolls. Or their brand-new used car needs insurance and your agency has been recommended by a friend. Perhaps your women’s clothing boutique was featured […]

New Changes to Google Algorithm Shuffles Local Search Results

Recently, local search observers noticed that the ubiquitous “7-pack” on Google searches had disappeared for some business categories. The “7-pack” is the grouping of local businesses that used to appear when a user searched for “restaurants in Denver,” for example. This change was brought about by a tweak to Google’s algorithm, dubbed “Pigeon” by Search […]