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How to Reward Customers on a Small Budget


  Your business is doing well and you’d like to reward your loyal customers, but you just don’t have enough money to go all out (so much for that confetti cannon). It’s not all bad news because you can reward your customers without blowing your budget. You might have to spend bit of money or […]

Branding vs. Advertising: What’s the Difference?


If you’ve started a business, you’ve probably thought about advertising. You may or may not have thought about your brand, perhaps because the line between advertising and branding isn’t always clear. Understanding the difference is important as it’ll help you develop relationships with your customers and boost the viability of your company. Let’s briefly examine […]

Data Aggregators: Webinar Recording and Key Takeaways

Today’s webinar plunged into the orderly world of data aggregators. This is definitely one of those topics where most marketers can say, “I know a little about data aggregators. I think.” It’s a topic that is often best left to the experts, and luckily, we found a great one. Our fount of information was Joe […]

Easy Ways to Monitor Your Business’s Online Ratings and Reviews


If you run a local business, chances are someone, somewhere is writing about you. They’re writing about how cool the eyewear you sell is or how awesome your handmade throw pillows look, or how friendly your customer service is. It’s good to keep track of what’s being said about you, but doing so can be […]

5 Ways to Measure Customer Satisfaction


If you have a business, your business is probably mentioned somewhere online. Even if you don’t have a website or social media presence (though you should, and here’s one place to start) someone, somewhere, has most likely talked online about your business. You need to know what you’re doing well, where you could improve, and […]

7 Key Components of a Basic Marketing Plan


If you have your own business, you need customers. To find customers, you have to get their attention, but that can be difficult to do in an age where many skip television commercials and use ad-blockers for websites. This is why a basic marketing plan is important. It helps you figure out who your customers […]

Webinar Recording & Takeaways: Optimizing Your Business’ Online Presence for Local Search

Today’s webinar dove into the technical side of SEO for local and enterprise businesses. We were fortunate to partner with Linkmedia 360’s Chad Luckie who shared his firm’s tested formula for getting great SEO: an emphasis on a list of third-party publisher strategies combined with top-notch location page construction. Check out the recorded presentation below […]

Local Business Owners: Hop on this Instagram Update


Last week, Instagram announced two new updates that better connect users to the stream of images being shared on the Facebook-owned social media site. Savvy small business owners should check out the new features and implement them in their local marketing plans. With more than 70 million pictures and videos shared to Instagram each day, […]

Be Unique: Don’t Copy the Competition

  As a small business owner, you can probably remember the first time a competitor copied your hard-earned success. It was maddening, right? “Street Tacos and Margarita Tuesday” was your idea. And they ripped it off! On the other side of the coin, perhaps you’ve been the business owner who “borrows” from a competitor. Perhaps […]

The Banking Industry Is Getting Ready to Drop A Lot of Money on Digital Marketing

When was the last time a bank handed you a toaster? The free toaster, that relic of bank marketing from a bygone era, ushered in more traditional financial advertising (think brochures and television commercials). But these days, the banking industry is saying goodbye to old-line advertising and hello to online and mobile media. In fact, […]

Grab a Free Facebook Beacon for Your Business

Facebook is offering free beacons for brick-and-mortar businesses that will show information to visitors about your business when they pop open the Facebook app while they’re in store. The information that Facebook will share with visitors is actually fairly useful. It includes: A welcome note and photo Prompts to like your Facebook Page and check […]

3 Great Ways to Make Customers Love Your Franchise Restaurant

It’s a Friday night, and your franchise restaurant is hopping. The wait staff is jamming while the back of the house cranks out some amazing plates. There’s a buzz in the air. Restaurant life is good. We all know that when a family has a little money in their pockets and they are searching for […]

Instagram Tips for Small Businesses

Brands have fallen in love with Instagram and why not? It’s the social stream for most people ages 18-34. Light on words but heavy on lifestyle images, behind-the-scenes snaps and gorg shots of locales, food or lovelies, Instagram rules the roost. But there’s another side to why businesses and brands are now posting more content […]

Steal This: 4 Ideas Small Businesses Can Take from Big Businesses

1. Show Us Your Uniqueness Many of the world’s biggest and best brands are uniquely identifiable. Although your business may never make Forbes’ list of the world’s most valuable brands it’s still vital to strive for uniqueness. Your local business’s uniqueness should be more comprehensive than just a logo. Think of it as a way of […]

Are You on the Data-Driven Marketing Train?

It’s a topic most marketers warm to immediately: data-driven marketing. Marketers’ eyes light up when talking about the art and science of collecting bits of information from customers and prospects, synthesizing that data and then activating it. Or put a little more simply: your favorite kids’ clothing chain knows you have two elementary school-age children, […]