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Common Google Analytics Terms Defined

google-analytics-terms- connectivity

Developed for both beginner and seasoned Google Analytics users, this glossary provides the most up-to-date definitions for common Google Analytics terms in 2015. Because Google continually makes updates to their Analytics software and user interface, reviewing the current definitions for Analytics metrics and the latest useful features is fundamental to taking advantage of your data. […]

Free Analytics Tools for Local Business Owners


As a local business owner, you can make your website work for you as a revenue-driving marketing asset, or you can let it sit there. Free analytics tools like the top options listed below will help you track performance to make sure your website and your social media profiles all work effectively. First is a […]

What Factors into How a Local Business Is Ranking in Search Results?


Let’s say you own a downtown computer repair shop. While sitting inside your shop, your SEO curiosity is piqued, so you Google the phrase “computer repair specialist” on your smartphone. Your business shows up 3rd in the results. Sweet, right? But later at home, 20 miles from the shop, you use your PC to Google […]

Updated: Does Duplicate Content Matter for SEO?


Update: After publishing this blog, Josh, our Content Marketing Manager, received an email from a contact, Chase, at NewsCred with a different perspective on duplicate content. We looked into some information he shared and included it below the original post. Update 2: Following our first update, the original writer of this post, Kayla, followed up […]