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How to Use Google Location Reports to Better Track Your Audience


The Google Analytics Reporting tab hosts a wide array of options for gaining insight into how a website, or a specific campaign, is doing. By geotargeting traffic using Location reports, it’s possible to really refine the data imported for analysis. I showed you how to access and set up local reports earlier this month, but […]

Can I Use Google Analytics to Monitor Foot Traffic Analytics?


There are a lot of services providing detailed retail analytics. Connectivity is all about automation, and generating as much data as possible allows the platform’s data analytics to generate detailed illustrated reports about customers. Merging Google Analytics data with internal network traffic provides a full picture of customer activity. But what about foot traffic? Does […]

Improving Your Local SEO Campaigns with Google Analytics


Google Analytics, when paired with Google’s Webmaster Tools, has some powerful reports that allow site owners to view the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. I’ve already shown you how to sign up for Google Analytics and register it with Google My Business to localize data collection. Next it’s time to integrate Webmaster Tools with Analytics. […]

6 Google Analytics Features That Will Change How You Run Your Site

google analytics features connectivity

Previously, we’ve tackled some of the basic Google Analytics metrics worth tracking. Now, it’s time to dive a bit deeper into some of its features that will help power your site and ensure you’re getting all the important information you require. As a web analytics service, Google Analytics provides insights about your business, marketing efforts and […]

How to Set up Google Analytics for Local Business

set up google analytics connectivity

Google has been evolving Google Analytics for as long as it’s existed. Taking full advantage of these analytics and reports involves two steps – setting up both Google Analytics and Google My Business. With both of these tools set up and interacting with each other, businesses can take advantage of a wide range of demographic […]

How to Track Local Search Analytics with Google Analytics


In order to keep up with the industry, I constantly search for keywords related to my job (and sometimes it’s because I just don’t know how to do what I need to do). This morning I was creating reports on Google Analytics when I didn’t feel like fumbling through the UI, so I searched for […]

10 Benefits You’ll See When You Claim Your Business Online


You’ve been told at least a million times to claim your business online, but why? What’s so important about being listed on the Internet when State Farm commercials say it’s so laughably unreliable? When forming a business, we’re still listing it in the newspaper, despite Pew Research data showing ever-declining circulation rates. This is great […]

Do Franchise Owners Need to Claim Local Business Listings?

Not every entrepreneur starts a small business. Many opt to buy and help grow an existing franchise instead of starting from scratch. There are a lot of benefits to franchising, as branding, marketing, product research, and other costly processes are already taken care of by the corporation. Even as a franchise owner, it’s important to […]

Bouncing Back: Responding to a Slew of Negative Reviews

Despite your best intentions at running the business behind your passion, somehow you’ve managed to fail enough customers to start attracting negative reviews. Remember Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant Amy’s Baking Company from the most infamous episode of Kitchen Nightmares in its multi-country, decade-long run? Owners Samy and Amy Bousaglo ran such a nightmarish business, even Gordon […]

How to Bring Customers Back: 10 Simple (Free!) Tips


It doesn’t take a fancy degree from Harvard Business School to understand your customer acquisition and retention rates are important. Just about any episode of TV’s Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den shells out this business tip to entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs (to use a phrase coined by shark Mark Cuban) alike. This is because as expensive […]

Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Monitor Your Small Business Reviews


Big business can afford expensive TV commercials. For everyone else, there’s Yelp, Angie’s List, Trip Adviser, and a plethora of other services (both startups and established businesses) providing reviews about businesses that can be viewed online. In fact, even offline organizations like the Better Business Bureau allow customers to post public business reviews, complaints, and comments […]

7 Ways to Legally Spy on Competitors in Your Vertical


The hottest new show of the summer is “Mr. Robot” on USA, and, while some credit goes to the production value, it’s the core story of corporate espionage that really hits the spot. Espionage has existed as long as society, and corporate espionage is a byproduct of corporations. Information is a form of power, and […]

When Social Media Monitoring Ends and Big Brother Begins


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – we’re at an age where a few targeted Google searches will show quite the background on customers, employees, and potentials. People voluntarily and actively share their personal lives to the public in many ways, but there’s a thin line between useful information to help build your business and creepy stalking. […]

How to Make Your Influential Customers Work for You


Any time you talk to a DJ in the club, they’ll tell you all about how they’re the biggest and best rising star. It doesn’t take long before you develop a healthy level of skepticism. With millions of musicians claiming to be the best, but only a hundred dominating the radio waves and Billboard charts, […]