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Quick List: 10 Things That Should Be in Every Business Listing

You understand the value of having verified online business listings, so you’ve gone ahead and claimed your profile. (If someone else has already snagged your account, check out our article on how to handle this common problem.) The next step is to make sure your listing features all the necessary information for your audience’s benefit, […]

5 Simple Tips for Effective Lead Outreach

You’ve determined your target audience and you’re exploring different channels to find new leads. But you won’t make a sale if you don’t engage in effective outreach. Here are five tips to help you get a better response from prospective customers: Build Trust, Then Sell As with anything in business, having a great strategy can […]

Tips for Lead Generation: How to Find a Qualified Lead

It’s happened to even the best of us. A prospective customer comes to you and you spend quite a bit of time assembling a proposal, or creating a custom offering to fit their needs—only to then have the prospect go somewhere else. Short of being a mind reader, knowing how much time to spend on […]

Competitive Edge: 6 Ways to Build Your Franchise’s Online Presence

Let’s face it, the standard ways of online marketing (like a basic website) won’t cut it in today’s world alone. Sure, one of the benefits of being a franchisee is that you can capitalize on the name recognition of your franchisor’s brand, but there’s more you can do to show that your business isn’t just […]

Marketing Automation Strategies for Local Businesses

We know nothing is ever fully automated—not unless you’re hiring robots to do your work for you—but wouldn’t it be nice to have some aspects of your marketing strategy handled by someone (or something) else? Every first-time customer goes through a series of steps starting with them as a prospective lead and ending with them […]

7 Tips for Writing Better Social Media Posts

Building a brand presence online is crucial: 43% of customers regularly purchase from companies they follow on Twitter. So, as informal as social media is, if you’re not writing posts that engage your audience, you’re not driving business to your store. Here are seven tips to help you write more effective and more compelling social […]

Social Media Scheduling: The Best Times to Post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

When should I post to Facebook? And what about Twitter? Are four tweets per day too much or too little? We understand these questions because we ask them, too, when planning Connectivity’s social media strategy.  After all, it’s important to be strategic in social media postings so you can get the best return on your time investment. Thanks to scheduling […]

4 Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies for 2016​

Whether you operate a small business or manage a franchise, you’ll find that the customers who are closest to you are the easiest to reach. That’s because more and more searches these days include the phrase “near me,” “closest,” or “nearby.” Take advantage of your proximity to your customers, and encourage them to visit your […]

Website Optimization: How to Improve Your Medical Clinic’s Search Rankings

When it comes to finding a medical clinic, more and more patients are going online. Even as of 2012, Google reported that 77% of patients used search engines before making an appointment. If you’re looking to bring new patients to your clinic, this result is important. First, it means if you don’t have an optimized […]

Medical Practices: 3 Tips for Creating a Service Patients Trust

Medical Desk with pens

Developing trust with patients begins online before they come into your office. According to Google’s digital wellness study, 77% of patients conduct an online search before booking an appointment, 50% of patients recommend doctors, and 18% post online reviews of health clinics. If your existing patients view you as a reliable and principled doctor, they’ll […]

Key Takeaways: “The Right Ways to Use Analytics for Local Businesses”

We’ve been publishing content this month about Google Analytics and how to apply it (and other non-Google tools) to websites. Our amazing blog experts have taught us a thing or two. Yesterday’s webinar included more analytics lessons. Carlin Leung, Strategic Analyst for Quietly, joined our own Josh Ades for a helpful look at Google Analytics. Don’t worry if […]

You’re Invited to a Webinar: “The Right Ways to Use Analytics for Local Businesses”

What: “The Right Ways to Use Analytics for Local Businesses” Webinar with Carlin Leung, a Strategic Analyst and Google Analytics expert at Quiet.ly and Connectivity Content Marketing Manager Josh Ades. Why: Because “vanity metrics” don’t do anything for your business. Your website needs a reason to exist and a link to the right measurements. We’ll […]

How Changes in iOS 9 Will Change How People Find You Online

changes in ios 9 connectivity

Another year, another iOS update. This time it’s changes in iOS 9. While the change won’t necessarily revolutionize how your small business advertises—at least not yet—Google recently announced that mobile search volume would surpass desktop search volume this year. That means more and more people are performing searches on their mobile devices rather than their […]

Promotion vs. Advertising : What You Need to Know

promotion vs advertising connectivity

If you use the words advertising and promotion interchangeably, you’re not alone. Many people think they’re exactly the same thing. But while there are similarities between them—both fall under the marketing umbrella—there are some differences you’ll want to keep in mind when creating a marketing strategy for your business. The Goals for Promotion vs. Advertising Advertising is […]

Battle of the Small Businesses: Differentiating from Local Competition

small business competition

While no two businesses are identical, setting yours apart from all the others can be a challenge, especially if you’re in an industry where small business competition is aplenty. But there are still many ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors—from emphasizing the unique features about your goods and services to finding a voice that […]