The calendar flips to a new page today and the world is awash in new beginnings. Is a fresh start in the cards for you? It can be. And you need look no further than your place on the marketing team.

Whatever your responsibility on the marketing team for your agency, enterprise or franchise, it’s important to know that you are valuable. Your skills and talents are needed. Your past history led you to this place on this team for this company. So, embrace your place and strive to be the best marketing team member you can be in the New Year.

Here are four ways to take your responsibilities to the next level (and your career, too!).

  1. Be Helpful
    We all know the co-worker who is…difficult. They end up being cut out of meetings because they throw up walls. Or if this co-worker happens to lead the team, other team members scurry around trying not to upset the applecart. Don’t be this person. Instead ask…how can I help? In a world of tough deadlines and even tougher team goals (Q1 Revenue, anyone?), a helpful team member who can cut through the clutter is simply invaluable.
  2. Stay Current on New Processes and New Technologies
    When was the last time you checked out Hootsuite’s blog? Did you attend Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco last year (or another marketing platform’s conference)? Has your team evaluated the now-hot Snapchat, the little-known This and the now open-to-all Instagram advertising? Block some time each week to drink from the firehose of new stuff…and when you have something that might be advantageous to your team, make sure to share it. We’ll give you extra bonus points for volunteering to lead a deeper analysis of whether or not this new initiative is right for your enterprise.
  3. Do What You Say You Will
    It’s easy to toss off a quick, “I’ll send that over later” or “I’ll share her contact info with you.” But it’s also just as easy to let those words be simply (empty) words. Do what you say you will. Use whatever organizational tools that appeal to you (Evernote, Moleskine) but make sure to note your promises. They add up.
  4. Act Strategically
    It’s normal to get in the habit of responding to “fire drills” and churning out daily social media posts. Or keeping the ecommerce platform humming and rolling up reports. But your manager would likely swoon over some strategic thinking that shows intelligence, analysis and creativity. For those who are higher up the chain of command, help newer staff members who have less experience with this important task. Watch how other companies grow their business. You’re not in the habit of copying, per se, but it’s okay to get inspired. What would it take to move your Widget revenue up 5 percent? What about 25 percent?

Now, it’s your turn. How are you striving to be the best team member you can be in 2016? If you are leading a team, what would you like to see from your staff? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Jennifer is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.