Quick List: The Value of a Verified Google My Business Page

Verified Google My Business Listing on Mobile

Two things I know about the internet are:

  1. Verified Google My Business listings are important
  2. Readers like lists

So, here’s a list of reasons why verified Google My Business Listings are important.

  • Just like claiming your Facebook page and Yelp listing, Google My Business listings are vital to controlling your brand’s online reputation
  • Claiming Google My Business listings allows you to optimize and make edits to each listing
  • You can make sure each locations’ address and contact information are accurate so people using Google to look for a location can find it easily
  • Verified Google My Business listings means Google knows the address is very likely to be accurate, so Google is more likely to show verified listings in local searches. An example is someone searching for, “healthy lunch” on their cell phone. If your business is nearby and offers healthy lunches, Google is likely to deliver your Google My Business page high in search results. If your listing is unverified, it is less likely to do so.
  • Verified listings get to claim what category the business should be listed as. There can be a big difference between a coffee shop and a café, so it’s best not to let Google make this choice for you.
  • Improve conversions, click-through rate and stick rate by uploading pictures, uploading videos, creating coupons, writing smart business descriptions and ensuring the accuracy of each location’s information by verifying your listing.
  • Listings need to be verified in order to be eligible to appear in Search and Maps, even if you have a Google My Business API

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Josh Ades is Connectivity’s Content Marketing Manager