If property managers and tenants had a Facebook relationship status, it would probably be “it’s complicated.” Different needs and priorities can make this relationship a tricky one. Nonetheless, there are some easy steps you can follow to ensure amicability between you and your residents. After all, happy tenants are tenants who stay.

Set Defined Hours

Ever lived in a building where the property manager seemed like a ghost? This is frustrating for tenants, so be sure you’re easy to reach. You don’t have to be on call 24/7, but you do need to stick to a reliable onsite schedule. Share your phone number, email address, and any other information that can help residents contact you and ensure your regular schedule is clearly posted somewhere. If it’s after hours, give them the opportunity to leave you a message, let them know you’ll get back to them, and then follow up in a timely manner. As we all know, if there’s anything residents hate more than a leaky faucet, it’s an invisible property manager.

Update Your Tenants on Progress

You’re doing all you can to resolve an issue and it may be that you’re waiting on other contractors to help fix a problem—like a plumber who’s taking forever to return your calls about that leaky faucet. Your tenants probably aren’t mind readers. If you don’t communicate with them, they don’t know what you’re doing to resolve the problem.

Follow up with tenants who reach out to you. Be proactive and keep them updated on any progress you’ve made to resolve their issues. It’s also useful to share important info through an accessible channel, like a Facebook page. (But be sure you know how to use social media effectively.) The more open you are, the more satisfied your tenants will be.

Get to Know Them

Get to know your tenants by more than just their apartment number. Host a Christmas party in the lounge or an outdoor barbecue for everyone to mingle, or simply chat for a bit when you pass one another in the hallway. You don’t have to be BFFs, but making the effort to learn something about each of your tenants shows you care.

Demonstrate Your Appreciation

We’re not saying you need to cook fancy dinners for your tenants every night, but you can do extra things to make them feel valued. Follow in the footsteps of hotels—the experts in hospitality—and offer a welcome gift basket to new tenants. (Though maybe don’t sneak into their rooms to leave chocolates on their pillows.) You can also leave a thank you card for tenants who’ve helped you out or give a little gift (like a $10 gift card or a houseplant) to those who’ve consistently paid their rent on time. You don’t have to do it all the time, but expressing your appreciation for your residents in small ways can encourage them to stay. (They might even reciprocate with a positive online review. Check out our guide on tracking online reviews and ratings.)

Relationships between property managers and tenants don’t have to be complicated. By doing a few simple gestures, you’ll make your tenants feel more at home.

Photo credit: g-stockstudio / Shutterstock

Ashley Pomeranz is Connectivity’s Western Region Sales Manager.