We unpeeled the many layers of franchise marketing today at the Connectivity “Must-Do Digital Marketing for Franchises” webinar. Franchise marketing goes way back and while a lot of it worked for a long time, as we all know, we’re now living it up in a digital age. What’s a franchise marketer to do? Plenty, it turns out.

Liane Caruso, President of CRUSH Agency was our presenter along with Connectivity Content Marketing Manager Josh Ades. Below are some key takeaways from our webinar conversation, plus the recording and a SlideShare presentation. 

Key Takeaway #1: Don’t Step into the Franchise Marketing Graveyard

Okay, the title of this takeaway would be more appropriate for an October webinar, but stay with us. Franchise marketing grew up in the heyday of tactics like these. They may have once worked well, but now it’s (mostly) hard to quantify the results they bring:

After this list, Liane stepped us through what may still be beneficial for franchises to pursue (with a few caveats).

Takeaway #2: Use a Franchise Digital Marketing Checklist

Liane shared a great list with us for getting franchise digital marketing on track (or back on track!). Hopefully, the corporate office is addressing these important steps, perhaps in conjunction with the franchisees or (more likely) on their own.

As you might expect, we think #1 and #2 are pretty big deals and #3 is super important, too. To sum up this section of the webinar, it’s all about giving the search engines what they need so your franchise appears higher in search, customers get what they want and you dip a toe in the deep end of the brand management pool.

Takeaway #3: Digital Marketing Brings Them to Your Door

For this segment of the webinar, Liane and Josh presented some great stats about mobile search and how prevalent it is in consumers’ lives. We get that. We all have our phones close by so we can grab them to search “Sushi near me.” But our webinar hosts also underscored the many ways that digital marketing leads people right through our doors.

For instance, if a local franchise pizza chain has about five online reviews that are four stars, it will be ranked lower in search than the pizza place down the street with 15 reviews and a so-so 3.5 star rating. That’s right. Google ranks your awesome business lower in search because less people have reviewed it.

Other tidbits include:

What were your takeaways? Tell us in the comments!

Connectivity Webinar: Must-Do Digital Marketing for Franchises from ConnectivityInc

Jennifer is a Content Strategist for Connectivity.