Facebook can be a valuable marketing tool for property management companies—both in bringing in new tenants and creating a community for existing tenants.

According to Neighbourhood Buzz, 48% of people ages 18–34 years old check Facebook when they wake up, and individuals over 35 make up more than 30% of the platform's users. Here are some ways you can capitalize on Facebook's massive reach to foster connections with your tenants.

Keep Residents Up-to-Date About Important Information

When it comes to informing residents about important details like days when garbage will be picked up or times when traffic outside a building may be rerouted for events, use your Facebook page to get the message out. Sharing this information helps tenants feel their needs are important, and it shows potential tenants that you care about keeping residents informed.

Market Your Properties

Facebook is great for marketing all sorts of businesses, and residential properties are no different. Post high-quality photos of your residences and include rental application information on your Facebook page. You can expand your customer base by encouraging your residents to share posts about available suites.

Share Information About Local Businesses

Residents love to be in the know about businesses near where they live, so use your Facebook page to keep them in the loop. Know of a great restaurant near your properties or a coffee shop that has a Tuesday concert series? Share it on Facebook. Your tenants will get to know the neighborhood better, and tenants who like their neighborhood are more likely to stay where they are.

Build Communities

We know people spend time in virtual communities, but they also like being part of actual communities. Create individual pages for your buildings and encourage residents to advertise community events—an upcoming barbecue for new residents or a meeting regarding an update to the building—on the page. Tenants will get to know their neighbors better and strengthen their sense of communal camaraderie.

Once you've got your Facebook page up and running, be sure to inform tenants about it so they can connect with you online. Create a poster and leave it in common areas like the lobby or elevator and inform them that you'll be posting relevant, timely information there for them on a regular basis. Be sure your website links out to your social channels as well.

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For more information about using Facebook for property management, check out the Neighbourhood Buzz report.

Olga Traskova is a Senior Manager in Marketing and Sales Operations at Connectivity.